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    I just got a BBS2 9550 and need some help. I got it home and loaded the desktop manager software onto my computer. I have a sony vaio with windows 7. After installing it i tried to connect my BB to the computer to try out the desktop manager software. It didn't work. I got online and found out it needed a driver, I downloaded it and tried it again. It didn't work.

    I even tried uninstalling both the usb driver and software and reinstalled it...yes i tried rebooting after i installed the software and driver. Still no luck.

    I just can't seem to pinpoint the problem. My computer is registering that a device is connected but it doesn't seem to know what. When I initially connect the BB with the usb cable it appears to at least want to charge the device and you can see it is attempting to install the driver. But after about 20 seconds it fails.

    What could I be doning wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated.
    11-03-10 10:19 PM