1. joselskipper's Avatar
    I had the BB Curve 8330, love the phone and the push email, plus the ability to download, save, and attach files to emails without needing third-party apps that cost.

    Ditch the 8330 and bought the iPhone, now I miss the BB features like ability to attach files. The "push" on iPhone is not really pushing.

    Am thinking of switching back to my beloved Verizon, you think the Storm is worth it? Will websites on the BB Storm allow us to view mobile or full sites. Because some websites automatically detects a mobile device, so there is no option to view full site, like Chase or Schwab.

    Please help.

    Thanks a lot.
    02-21-09 05:17 AM
  2. TheChampJT's Avatar
    The browser has an option to be recognized as a BB or IE.

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    02-21-09 05:31 AM
  3. FISH4RUDY's Avatar
    I say come back to Verizon and get the storm. Much better phone imo.
    02-21-09 06:30 AM
  4. noonan211's Avatar
    I'm a previous Pearl and Curve user. When you come back to Verizon and get the Storm you need to allow time to adapt to it as it's a very different experience from the Curve. I had just gotten an IPod Touch about a month before getting my Storm and was completely digging the interface of the Touch. This led me down the path of "Gosh I should just get an IPhone". That went away quickly after talking to every IPhone owner I could. The common reply was "the phone is really sweet but I wish it would...(insert anything that a berry can do over the IPhone here.) And "I wish my network coverage was better." Man, I almost forgot what I use the Berry for: Push email, attachments, sms, mms and let's not forget phone calls! After using my 30 days with Verizon and admittedly going back and forth in my decision. I am very happy with my Storm. Yes, the O.S. could better.(I'm still running.75 despite the many leaked O.S. options out there.) But it will be very soon!

    Media player works well, I have 2Gb of Video & Movies. and 4 GB of Music. I use it every day...

    I've been a Verizon customer for 8 years. Prior to that Suncom/ATT...

    Good luck in your decision!
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    02-21-09 07:48 AM
  5. disciples0's Avatar
    I've been so utterly mistreated by the sociopaths running Pinstack that I think I'm going to get a Palm Pre or Nokia N97 in order to get rid of the association I have with a Blackberry and that terrible website.

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    02-21-09 07:52 AM
  6. lostmarine's Avatar
    I don't think you will be disappointed if you come on back and get a storm. Great phone has a few querks and takes a lil getting use to but all and all it is a great phone. Not to mention Verizon service seems to be better to me.<-- My opinion don't want to start another carrier war.
    02-21-09 10:11 AM
  7. stormaddict13's Avatar
    The iphone is cool, but the coolness wheres off quickly. It is below average for service, texting, phone calls, and email. If you want a great phone that is also very fun then you will be extremely happy with the storm.

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    02-21-09 10:16 AM
  8. natsfan7's Avatar
    Dude, your on a storm forum, what do you think people are going to tell? That the storm sucks.

    But honestly, the storm is a great phone, and you will love it if you give it a chance. Now I won't say that one phone is better than the other because they re both great phones, and you can't go wrong either way.

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    02-21-09 10:29 AM
  9. shuter's Avatar
    Storm All The Way!!!
    02-21-09 10:35 AM
  10. Syrius's Avatar
    Blackberry Storm
    02-21-09 10:39 AM
  11. Burn Notice's Avatar
    If you are a°essaging abd email kinda guy then stick with the storm. If you really want q toy and web surfing phone get the iphone.

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    02-21-09 10:40 AM
  12. wspooner1312's Avatar
    Its the storm easily.

    The iphone was to childish and i just didnt like anything about it, there was really now way to make it different from any one else's iphone. with the bb you can make it feel like its your own phone and you can have a fun time or a really fun time testing all the leaks.

    the i phone was supposed to be some superior phone but couldn't even send MM or forward a test message. wow sweet phone
    02-21-09 10:40 AM
  13. Mordendrak's Avatar
    Storm. There is an article on engadget today that 80% of people with iPhones don't use all their "super cool radical pimptastic" iPhone apps a day or even several hours after they buy them or download them. So when the app store is taken out of the situation we get down to actual functionality, IE Push Email, Attachments, Removable battery, network, etc... In all the actual real work categories the Storm is far superior to the iPodwithaphoneinsideitwithgreatmarketing
    02-21-09 10:41 AM
  14. Terrigno's Avatar
    BlackBerry Storm my friend. Key word here being "BlackBerry". Something the IPhone can NEVER touch

    Blackberry = Business
    IPhone = Toy

    Want a toy? Do like me and others and get a Ipod touch.
    02-21-09 10:51 AM
  15. leemoreau's Avatar
    You can't attach files to email on iPhone? Wtf really???
    02-21-09 11:06 AM
  16. MinnieMePowers's Avatar
    You have to ask yourself one question...

    "Do I want an Ipod with a phone attached, or do I want a business oriented device that rocks even before tapping into its full capabilities with a phone attached?"

    The real matter is form over function. If you are missing things about BB, come back. Good luck with your decision.
    02-21-09 11:52 AM
  17. gigajoe84's Avatar
    I pretty much took the same path as you..I had the storm 8300, went to the iphone, and not even 3 months later, got the storm. I'm happy with my decision esp since I'm the type of person who enjoys being able to put leaked software and 3rd party apps/themes etc
    02-21-09 12:08 PM
  18. Labphoto's Avatar
    I have both. Until RIM gets a decent OS (that you don't have to voodoo with to make it work), I would go with an unlocked iPhone with T-Mobile.
    02-21-09 01:35 PM
  19. wavenoob's Avatar
    I had the original iPhone the battery was going out so instead of getting a 3g which is lacking some key features that should be there but you have to unlock to get them. So bought the storm and IMO does everything the iPhone can to only slower. This may be fixed in the future but who knows. So until the next iphone release ill stick with this turd.
    02-21-09 01:53 PM
  20. asmallchild's Avatar
    If you are comparing the iPhone and the Storm, I'd recommend the iPhone.

    If you want to return to Verizon's network, then nothing they currently offer touches the Storm.
    02-21-09 02:03 PM
  21. jhamilton3#CB's Avatar
    go with the iPhone

    I've used both and the iPhone blows the Storm away
    02-21-09 02:47 PM
  22. Dragon_Rider's Avatar
    I have been using my Storm for two months now and would not give it up for anything but another BB. The push email and enterprise app is the best for business. It also has enough play in it to keep me happy as well. The app store will be here soon and will make it even better along with better OS updates. IMO: The IPhone just appears to be mostly play with a little business in it.
    02-21-09 03:10 PM
  23. bbsean's Avatar
    A guy at work asked me what the difference was between the Storm and the IPhone. I told him that the Storm is something I use for business and pleasure - and the iPhone is a toy, so if I just wanted something to play with, I'd have gone for the iPhone.

    We've both been in the information tech field as a profession for 20+ years.
    02-21-09 03:23 PM
  24. stormusr88's Avatar
    If you want to show what cool stuff your phone can do, then go with the IPhone. I thought about it and have lots of friends who's got it. But if business, email and other more essential things that you're looking for then go with the Storm. You can always get the Ipod Touch. Good luck and have fun...
    02-21-09 04:24 PM
  25. Labphoto's Avatar
    The iPhone (the 3g version) running the 2.2 upgrade and synching with Exchange is damn near as good as the Storm and BES. Mind you the Storm being able to browse Intranet sites is fantastic, no such feature on the iPhone unless you want to do VPN.
    02-21-09 04:36 PM