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    I have had my storm for about a month, and in the last week my phone has crashed. The application center was deleted, or just not anywhere, along with all device aps except Bb browser. I tried wipeing 3 times and its not going back to the verizon settings. Called verizon multiple time but
    I know more than they do. The catch to this post is: I have no access to my computer because its a work computer which I use for personal use but I am unable to download the desktop software or any software, basically I have no access to a PC. I need an expert, who can tell me how to wirelessly;either wipe my phone back to original verizon/Bb defaults, so I can get all the core applications back (notepad, task,calendar,app center, bb maps etc..)
    All I wanted to do was upgrade the Os (.75). Now I just need the phone back to its factory setting, and then upgrade the .75 os. But that's impossible. Please help me restore my phone to its current OS version(.75) over the air. Already wasted 50 bucks far Bb's tech support for them to tell me to contact Verizon, whose tech support tells me to pull the battery out.

    If someone can assist, I would do anything!!!!!!!!!!

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    02-22-09 04:03 PM
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    Bottom line is, you cannot. Certain apps MUST be installed via DM and you have no choice otherwise. Doing a Security Wipe on the phone will only wipe your personal data and 3rd party apps off the phone. It will not put back any preloaded apps like App Center or Blackberry Maps if you uninstalled those manually from Applications window. Only way to get those back on is through DM.

    Sorry to be the one to deliver the bad news, but you just can't do it. If you called RIM or VZW BB support, they'd have to walk you through doing an OS reinstall or simply just reload "certain" apps from the core OS (like the app center and BBMaps, etc.) That's just how it works, nothing you can do.

    BTW, when the next OS comes out and you update OTA, you won't get the apps back either because OTA updates to my knowledge are "binary patches" to what you already have currently loaded on the phone at the time of the update. So, since you don't have those programs loaded, they won't reinstall or rather update. Sorry.
    02-22-09 04:53 PM
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    Why can't you access another pc. Do you not know anyone who has a computer that would let you install the dm on?
    02-22-09 05:27 PM