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    My phone is constantly having to load or shows the loading sign ice downloaded be juiced for my phone but I see no change. It still loads constantly.! its driving me crazy!! Someone please help me I love this phone just would love it a lot more if it would just load right and stop freezing

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    05-19-10 06:29 PM
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    Delete be juiced and pull battery.

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    05-20-10 07:19 AM
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    I gave this advice in another thread, but will copy it here as well.

    Here let's try it this way.

    1) What OS (Operating System) do you currently have on the phone? (If you don't know, you can get this by going to Options --> About and reading the third line, the one that starts v)
    2) What is every application you currently have on the phone? Those are what can cause the phone to run slowly. What are themes you have, if any?
    3) Do a battery pull. When the phone restarts, go into Options --> Memory. What does it say currently under Application Memory--> Free Space?
    4) Make sure you fully exit every application on the phone by doing blackberry key --> exit/close (whichever one is applicable) when you are done using it. Just pressing the back or end key does not close applications. To see what you have running, hold down the Blackberry key and a row of icons will appear. The standard 5 that will always appear are Phone, Messages (envelope), BBM (talk bubble symbol), Browser (globe) and Home Screen (house). Everything else you should make sure you close.
    05-20-10 02:19 PM