1. kellz11's Avatar
    So my phone froze earlier and I took the battery out. After it loaded a box poped up saying "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException". I clicked ok and it sent me to the set up wizard. I tried to do the set up wizard and it wont let me. Now my phone is stuck in BB Platform mode and I cannot click on anything. Please help me I am not very technical
    06-18-10 03:35 PM
  2. dhack21's Avatar
    Pull the battery and place it back in. If that doesnt work sounds like you may need to wipe and reinstall unless someone else has any tips.
    06-18-10 03:40 PM
  3. kellz11's Avatar
    i have pulled the battery numerous times....how do i wipe and reinstall?????
    06-18-10 04:42 PM