1. katiedis's Avatar
    I sync'd the Storm on the first day with Missing Sync. No problems.

    FF to today...can't sync with Missing Sync.
    Tried downloading the newest PocketMac and new driver and installed them...can't sync. It "looks" like it is sync'ing and even gets so far as a prompt for how to resolve contact discrepencies...but in the end just spins in a never ending cycle. I finally gave up after about 40 minutes of waiting.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled pocketmac according to blackberry's exact instructions and tried again. Nothing. same problems.

    Pull the battery out numerous times and restarted the computer numerous times.

    I have the mass media set to yes. The two drives show up as connected. the screen on the Storm shows the connection image. WTF is going on?

    Anyone have any tips for what I could try? Am I missing something (although that would appear obvious at this point that I am)?
    11-26-08 01:11 AM
  2. drumzalicious's Avatar
    This is from an old thread when i was having issues syncing my Curve to my Mac Book

    Well i have a solution via Blackberry Tech Support.

    Basically what you have to do is follow these steps:
    Go To:
    >Macintosh HD
    >Delete the files called "BlackberryUSB.kext" and "BlackberryUSBDev.kext"
    >Empty the Trash
    >Re-Install the driver updates from the Blackberry Website
    >Restart Comp
    >Plug in the BB first
    >Go to the PocketSync APP
    >Click on the BB icon.

    after that you should see it say Blackberry and list the devices pin

    Apparently what the flaw is, is that the program doesnt actually update the drivers for some reason so you have to go into the folders and delete the old ones before installing the new ones.

    Hope this helps

    After you do that make sure you plug the phone in FIRST then start the program
    11-26-08 04:05 AM
  3. katiedis's Avatar
    damn. i'd done all that. in those orders exactly. still not working.
    11-27-08 04:13 PM
  4. zmaster007's Avatar
    PocketMac have released a driver update for the storm, check their site. The storm needs to be in mass storage mode - works perfect for me
    11-27-08 05:09 PM
  5. ddoyle777's Avatar
    There are a couple of things I can think of

    1. Missing Sync doesn't coexist well with PocketMac. On the Missing Sync website they have detailed instructions for removing all traces of Pocket Mac. If you wish to continue with Missing Sync (and I certainly would having used both) you should follow their instructions.

    2. I've had lots of problems with any USB connection that isn't direct to my MacBookPro. I just can't get either syncing program to recognize my BB unless the USB cable is direct with no hub involved (powered or not). So I now connect directly between BB and computer.

    3. Sometimes I still get no connection (and this is rare) so I reboot computer and pull battery on BB.

    Beyond this, I'd need more info to say anything intelligent.
    11-27-08 07:12 PM
  6. jaime0327's Avatar
    I tried deleting the old drivers, and then installing the update. I have used syncclean, and I have tried uninstalling Pocketmac and reinstalling it over and over again. Nothing works, in fact now when i plug in my storm and then start pocketsync it starts going and then the program shuts down and I get the Mac Error window wanting to know if I want to report it. Has anyone else experienced this or have an ideas about what to do next? I still have no contacts synced with my phone.
    11-28-08 10:33 AM
  7. popengena's Avatar
    This may sound stupid, but I did what drumzalicious suggested, and I began syncing again, exactly as he said. BUT, how long does this process take? Its been "syncing" for about an hour. That can't be right is it? lol, I'm new to this so, I don't know what its supposed to do exactly. Thanks for any help!
    11-28-08 01:01 PM
  8. hahler2's Avatar
    I am using the Missing Sync and it works perfectly. I use Missing Sync for my contacts and calenders and then I just sync pictures, music, and video by mounting the storm on my desktop and drag and drop the files.
    11-28-08 01:53 PM
  9. zschiffman's Avatar
    make sure you have it set on the storm to mount your phone as removable drives. PM wouldnt sync for me until i did that
    11-28-08 01:56 PM