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    I made a very detailed theme, will not let me load thru blackberry desktop manager....How can I load my theme onto my Storm????
    04-02-09 09:35 AM
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    First, make sure that you saved it in the .alx format when exporting from theme builder, not the .jad format. The .jad format is for OTA downloads and .alx is used for DM.

    Next, make sure that when you do export the theme that there are no errors regarding icons being outside of the defined area, etc.

    Finally, make sure that you are actually exporting the theme not just saving the theme builder file.

    Sorry if any of these recommendations insult your knowledge of the software, but it's impossible to know your knowledge of the software just based on your post. GL!!

    edit: also, how are you loading the theme? You should be going application loader then add new applications. When it loads your application list, click browse and choose the .alx file that you saved for your theme then click next and finish. Once your phone has restarted go into options then themes at the very bottom and choose your new theme. And, make sure you've downloaded Blackberry JDE v4.2.1. for Blackberry developers. Once again, sorry if you already know this but trying to cover all bases.
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    04-02-09 01:41 PM
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    No insult to my knowledge at all.....Im new to the plazmic scene...i'll try it and get back to you, if i still cant get it im sure sum1 will c me post my frustrations
    04-04-09 08:33 AM
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    This thread started my journey down plazmic highway
    04-05-09 09:19 AM