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    Your right back to the stuff we disagree on lol. I still believe the iPhone is a great business device. (not speaking on the version 4) plenty of law and medical companies have switched to the iPhone due to it's capabilites in the applications market. It's like Blackberry users won't give it it's fair due because it has the capability to thrive in the game market as well.
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    I don't carry an M-16 that's for fobets we carry M-4's if you know what that is. What unit were you in, and company and for how long. No offense but I feel unlike Dave you used the military to validate you. also can you answer the question. The design isn't faulty if you intentionally cover you hand over the antenna what's going to happen? I mean let's use common sense here. I'll answer your ? Sense you won't answer mine for some odd reason. No I don't buy faulty products, 2 I don't cheat people.
    Hello! greetings! It holiday today over there? Happy holiday ya. I am not a US person. Bear with me, while you are awake, i am sleeping snoring. We are small country, where national security or sensitive topic is concern, here we are educated or discourage to go around telling another what other special weapons we use or unit/company we belong to openly or what have we done. Maybe its a norm thing for you to do over there. Let's say I have jumped side by side with some nice respectful humble US rangers or delta. M16 for fobets? Right, there's carbine etc. I don't have to brag saying I carry some "higher end" weapon or fired them. To those who are still carrying M16 or AK47 out there, but in the field, their bullets don't care who you are where you from! Made in USA? Never been to a war, its always someone start a war and we go in to secure and render assist as friendly nation. Anyway, thats history, we dont use M16 anymore. I do respect Dave for his frankness and can I consider him as a veteran? Maybe you also a veteran? badges etc wings? those are for display in my bedroom now. Aint easy. So let's just past that army/soldier topic like cloud floating way! Hahhaa suddenly feel like you are carrying a new iphone4(or iphone3) shooting at me while I am using my old reliable storm2 returning fire! wahahahaha.

    Its not intentionally using the hand cover the antenna, after seeing some latest videos maybe its intentionally cover the antenna with 1 finger! Ok! I will use my last finger, the smallest or thinest finger I have to go around cover my storm2 hoping to find the antenna and cause drop in reception/transmission. I hope i can find the spot.

    Yes, we all don't like buying faulty products and we all don't like to cheat people. Maybe apple should have release info to the public that "don't cover that part with your finger or pls buy a bumper to prevent lost of reception/transmission" before they start selling and shipping the iphone4 to consumer. i guess all the woohooo now is because people aint happy with what they are holding and the press release. ok!! sorry for making apple look bad!!! i am bad!!! but i love my storm2.
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    Ok I'll ask you one thing that should put this argument to rest, do you buy products that you know are stolen? (gizmodo's Jason chen admitted he knew it was stolen). Finally do you extort people? Now if you do this well then ok I guess what he did was fine with you. It has nothing to do with me liking apple. I own a 9700 which I love and use for work but what he did was wrong plain and simple.
    I did not say what he did was totally fine. I don't think stolen quite describes someone leaving it in a bar. The guy selling it is the one who should have returned it. In a lot of places, buying a product found would not classify as stolen. However, common courtesy would have been for the guy to bring it to the bar to be put in a lost and found rather than trying to sell it. The hype around the device is crazy it seems. I am sure both will pay for it, and most likely that is the right thing. Apple seemed more pissed they were found out than that someone got a hold of their product illegally.

    I was more addressing you swearing off of a site simply because they did something that pushed the limits. Maybe you are so virtuous that you would do that. In that case, don't buy Apple products. The violate copyrights, trademarks and patents left and right. iPad was a wholly owned trademark of Fujitsu. Only after Apple crushed any chance of Fujitsu redeeming the name with the iPad launch were they willing to sell Apple the name. That is definitely stealing.

    Additionally, Cisco owned the iPhone name as well. Apple launched a product with the name despite Cisco turning them down on buying it for months. It took Cisco suing then to get a settlement, but Cisco lost the name. That is stealing, and they did it because Job's loved the name so much.

    Don't buy products at Wal-mart either. They knowingly sell fake Tommy Hilfiger products, and have been sued for it numerous times. They keep doing it because it makes them more money than the lawsuits cost.

    I could go on.

    I actually like Engadget better myself. I also like Slashgear and Lifehacker. I use those plus Giz a lot for tech news. Actually, they all share articles a lot.
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