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    Plantronics - Customer Service that put their customer first....
    PLANTRONICS is the wireless/electronics industry GOLD STANDARD FOR REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (CS) which all others NEED to model. I am in no way affiliated with Plantronics; I just appreciate them and want you to know.

    I bought a Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth headset this past January and early in December the extension stereo plug-in cable got caught in my overcoat dropped and broke at the connector extension but not at the microphone/headset. It was at the ear loop stabilizer and the pins on the plug-in cable only. I called their 800 number and quickly talk directly to an empowered CS professional, one who could ask questions, make an assessment, and authorize corrective action along with a web based form. It was flawless, direct, and the CS person was concern that I was back in operations as soon as possible so they shipped at their cost a brand-new total package even though I was calling to replace just the broken stereo plug-in cable. As they instructed, I have repackaged my older headset and the broken plug-in cable along with all the other new materials they sent am sending it back just as the wonderful CS (#622489) requested.

    Knowing I could call and pay for a replacement was what I expected, but this is typical of all other contact with them over the past year. I had contacted their CS several times for technical help for pairing issues with multiple cell phones and most recently for technical assurance that the Voyager855 was truly compatible with the new Blackberry Storm. Plantronics CS confirm it’s capability before I bought the BB Storm resulting in my saving extra cost for yet another BT headset because of compatibility/quality issues.

    HEADSET BT PERFORMANCE RESULTS with Blackberry Storm: The Voyager855 headset is solid quality both in end-to-end wireless BT functionality and manufacturing of BT headset for stereo. I have had four other headset from other companies and I really want everyone to know how good this device is regardless of cost. I am 110% satisfied with the wonderful quality of sound for both stereo music (compared to my Shure E3C Sound Isolating Earphones for my mp3 players) and in voice quality in all types of normal environmental condition (even working in a commercial kitchen) for voice command calling and from others who receive my calls who never know I am on a BT headset. In addition, Plantronics’s product support is also outstanding; e.g., documentation, packaging that included a caring pouch, as well as a new lanyard that “plugs-into” the micro-connector on 855 headset for easy assess … oh, it also fits the Storm.

    SUMMARY: Although Plantronics CS will not let me pay for the broken replacement part (plug-in cable) or new headset they sent me, I want all to know (Verizon and Blackberry …are you there?), Plantronics is still one company that is holding to the meaning of satisfying customers in both their fine products and world-class Customer Service. So friends, do yourselves a favor by buying you or someone a great Christmas gift for your BB Storm. Enjoy your Plantronics Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth headset … I am again.
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