1. phrehnck's Avatar
    The other thread got shut down cus a mod didnt think like my "ill conceived humor".

    Your thread in the Storm's 3rd party apps subforum was closed and the posts were edited and deleted because those type posts have no place on this forum. Please refrain from such ill conceived humor from now on. Thanks.

    Well anyways, here it is once again.

    Placebo = Faux Status Screen

    OTA: http://phrehnck.com/stuff/placebo.asp

    Hope this one doesnt get shut down too...
    05-10-09 09:50 PM
  2. ncsttsccr's Avatar
    sorry for asking, i didn't get a chance to see the previous thread...

    any way you could post screenshots so i know what you're talking about?
    05-10-09 10:24 PM
  3. hurld's Avatar
    What is it?

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    05-10-09 10:25 PM
  4. Mayze's Avatar
    Just downloaded it. Couldn't find it in any of my folders. What does it do?
    05-10-09 10:26 PM
  5. olta777's Avatar
    You got to go options>status.

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    05-10-09 10:29 PM
  6. brianr0131's Avatar
    It was a funny idea. Mods need to take a pill themselves.....hopefully not just a placebo
    05-10-09 10:35 PM
  7. howarmat's Avatar
    05-10-09 10:37 PM
  8. paulwright1's Avatar


    yeah, what he said!
    05-10-09 10:39 PM
  9. brianr0131's Avatar
    it basically tells you that your memory is high and signal is high etc. It's for people who obsess about those things so they can "laugh" at themselves
    05-10-09 10:39 PM
  10. cadzilla74's Avatar
    phrehnck ... you have posted some great apps and you also have a great sense of humor ...

    but I think you sorely underestimated the sensitivity threshold of your intended audience with this latest release ...

    I think it's hilarious ... please write and PM me an app that will show my Storm always has 100% battery, RAM memory and SD card memory so I can sleep at night without pills or my Mommy tucking me in ... Thanks man!!!
    05-10-09 11:02 PM
  11. nightfishing's Avatar
    It's funny that the mods leave HUNDREDS of posts about people claiming that certain apps have "leaks" when those folks do not have any idea what a leak is or how to test for one.

    Odd that those threads "belong" in this forum, but the other thread didn't.

    Oh, snap. I hope I don't get your thread bounced again ;-)
    05-10-09 11:13 PM
  12. lyricidal's Avatar
    excellent app for me
    love it and will use it for my hybrids from now on
    05-11-09 10:14 PM
  13. todd123's Avatar
    So odd that your other thread could have gotten shut down, too bad I never caught that one.

    I did catch lots of message on another thread about an app that had to do with private parts. That was around for a long time.

    Placebos....who knew.
    05-11-09 10:47 PM
  14. DriftDevil's Avatar
    lol, when checked it out, i had 101% battery life!!! i think my battery is super-battery
    05-11-09 11:26 PM
  15. ArmaK's Avatar
    They didn't close all of your threads about the app phrehnck. There is still that one other thread that you opened about placebo in the other forum.

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    05-11-09 11:42 PM
  16. galindo62's Avatar
    excellent app for me
    love it and will use it for my hybrids from now on
    Lmao! I knew your hybrids where to good to be true!

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    05-11-09 11:50 PM
  17. extremecyst's Avatar
    Hmm, I thought I'd see a pic of Brian Molko dressed as a lady...
    05-12-09 12:01 AM
  18. bslo's Avatar
    That is some funny Sh&%#!!!!!
    05-12-09 05:56 AM
  19. daman513's Avatar
    how do i delete it it says my battery is 101% no i dont know what percent it is really? WTF
    05-22-09 12:28 AM
  20. rgustafson19's Avatar
    C'mon don't you know that most techie geeks don't have a sense of humor??

    This is hilarious...and it doesn't surprise me that it was shut down.....refer to my statement above...
    05-22-09 12:33 AM
  21. lyricidal's Avatar
    haha, so I was just messing around and renamed it to net_rim_placebo.cod and added it to Blackberry.Alx and it installed as a system file - its showing there and it works - now if only it could overwrite the original status screen somehow, then it'd be set
    05-22-09 01:00 AM
  22. AisforAustin's Avatar
    this is funny!
    05-22-09 03:51 AM
  23. BatterdStarfish's Avatar
    Lol this has caused so much controvosy.

    Basically it just a fake status ?
    05-22-09 03:55 AM
  24. Dyzrv's Avatar

    really lame
    05-22-09 07:34 AM