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    Unfortunately I have to take a Blood pressure medication three times a day. I usually remember but on occasion when I get busy at work or i'm preoccupied I forget. I was wondering if any of you have used your storm for a pill reminder. I know I could use calander or tasks but then it shows up on my list of things to do or on the calander. I just want a simple reminder at 3 pm and 9 pm I never forget the morning it's part of the routine. Thanks in advance.

    12-21-08 09:17 PM
  2. wetwilly's Avatar
    BB Smart Alarms PRO might work for you. I have it on my curve, and it works real well.
    No limit as to how many alarms you can set, so you could have multiple alarms in one day and make them reaccuring every day. Ck it out @ the crackberry store. I think it's around 15.00.

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    12-21-08 09:26 PM
  3. SlimJimTight's Avatar
    Hmm, I don't know if this is off-topic or not, but is this kinda simliar to the Alarm Clock..? Like could BB Smart Alarms Pro allow multiple Alarm profiles because I have a weekday alarm and a weekend alarm.. is it possible that this app will cure this issue? I hate having to re-enter my alarm clocks on a weekly basis... it's irritating.. lol.
    12-21-08 09:29 PM
  4. dlove119's Avatar
    Use your calendar to set an event and make it a reoccurring event.
    I have to watch the news at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day for work. I just set it once on my calendar and listed it as an event that occurred weekly. It's pretty detailed -- you can pick the days that you need.

    I have Gmail and I have my calendars synched. That's pretty useful too. You can click and drag on your computer screen and the events will save on your phone's calendar.
    12-21-08 09:36 PM
  5. wetwilly's Avatar
    You know I'm not sure. I've never tried to set an alarm for week days and different alarms for the wknd. I know the app is pretty flexible so maybe I'll give that a try. Sorry I don't want to tell you yes unless I know for sure.

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    12-21-08 09:38 PM
  6. catstide's Avatar
    bbsmart alarm pro is great and will do all the things you are asking for....but it's not storm ready. it will work on the storm but is a nightmare to navigate.
    12-21-08 09:55 PM
  7. Abigfish3's Avatar
    thanks for the suggestions. My guess is I will have to use the calander function until BB smart alarms is ready for the storm. The storm is probably the most useful tool I ever owned. In spite of the buggs I come up with a use for it on a daily basis. I wish I knew how to program I would make some very cool apps mostly that I would want. The rest of the world cann remember their pills and when to take out the trash
    12-21-08 10:05 PM
  8. Habious's Avatar
    Yeah, I have a 1:30pm "Take Medicine" recurring reminder in the calender. Had it since my Palm days.

    I never forget!
    12-22-08 07:43 AM
  9. Flexia's Avatar
    Hey thanks, Thanks for reminding me to take my pills. I need something like that too. For some reason when ever I put in in the calendar I always never around my pills when it goes off. They aren't life or death for me though
    12-22-08 08:22 AM
  10. Habious's Avatar
    I carry a metal pill-carrier that I picked up at a drug store.

    I tried to scheule the alarm to go off when I'm most-likely at lunch...with a beverage in front of me to take the medicine with.

    Mine isn't life-or-death either but, if I skip taking them for a few days, I get bad heartburn.
    12-22-08 01:13 PM
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    You can download pill Reminder app from the bellow link
    Pill Reminder - Health & Fitness BlackBerry Apps
    07-14-10 02:23 AM
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    Thanks for the link.
    07-15-10 06:05 AM
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    You can use pill reminder application for the purpose. Review this one, CeyHello, available for both android and IOS platform. You can add customized reminder in here.
    06-14-16 02:29 AM