1. jetman1287's Avatar
    Seems to have gotten worse with each OS! What's going on?!

    "Hey, check out this picture"...should take AT LEAST less than 60 seconds!
    06-16-10 07:13 PM
  2. dylanmail's Avatar
    I agree. And when you click on a thumbnail to view a picture, it doesn't look very clear until you click on the BB button and then select "Fit to Screen".

    Also, if you organize your photos into folders on your memory card, the thumbnails will take even longer to show up. However, I noticed that if you go to "Pictures" and click on "All Pictures" the thumbnails appear much faster. Still too much of a lag in general though.
    06-18-10 10:20 AM
  3. BrianTX's Avatar
    I'm running lyr's .748 over .591 and picture rendering is as fast as I can scroll and they open right up and look perfect. What os('s) are having problems?
    06-18-10 08:32 PM