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    Not sure what happened, but this morning my phone stopped working. I synched last night as usual with no problem. I have no sound on dial pad, no sound when phone is making a connection, and no sound when my call is answered. The person on the other end of the call cannot hear me, and I cannot hear them. When I receive a call, the phone rings normally, but when I press answer, I can't hear the caller, and the caller can't hear me. I have done three battery pulls with no effect.

    Any ideas?

    05-20-09 04:58 PM
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    might not be the answer, but i saw this posted elsewhere here


    dunno if it'll work or anything
    05-20-09 05:16 PM
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    Thanks, it worked! Some related info: after posting my problem I stopped into local Verizion store to see if they had any answers. I ended up speaking to "Frank," who was the most knowledgeable Verizion employee I've ever encountered. After looking at my Storm for about 60 seconds, he told me the problem was the .144 OS I was running, (and oh, by the way, installing a non-authorized OS voided the warrenty on the phone). Having said that, he also told me that Crackberry had .148 avaibable for downloading, and I should try that first. Otherwise I would need to downgrade to the official Verizon OS version.

    I just looked at Crackberry posts, and it appears the .148 upgrade addresses the earphone bug, so I going to upload it as soon as I have time.
    Thanks again for you assistance

    05-20-09 07:14 PM