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    Last summer when I would take my speed boat out, I could hook my phone to my Sony CD player via USB and it would charge the phone. As an added bonus, the CD player would search and play the songs on my memory card. F.Y.I. it was a S1 9530 (Matt!) lol

    For some reason, it won't do either anymore. The phone does not charge, and the Sony says "No Device" when plugged in.

    MTP is ON
    Mass Storage mode is ON
    Auto Enable MSM is also ON

    If at all possible I need to fix this! Even if just the charging part! Sometimes I spend a day or two drifting around, and REALLY don't want to lug around 4 or 5 extra batteries!

    Anyone any ideas?

    Thanks guys
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    03-23-10 12:06 PM
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    i tried this also with my storm 2 and it charged for a second and then just said no device and it did nothing. How do i enable all the things you listed as this would be useful, instead I just bought a car charger for 2.50 from Amazon but would be good if it broke etc.
    03-23-10 01:04 PM
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    One more time... bump
    03-28-10 01:33 PM
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    3rd bumps the charm lol
    04-05-10 03:18 PM
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    Try leaving MTP on and disabling Mass Storage Mode. Good Luck
    04-05-10 04:02 PM
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    but wouldn't disabling mass storage mode prevent the usb from reading the phone like it does with a PC?

    Don't get me wrong, I WILL try it...

    Just curious!

    04-05-10 04:07 PM
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    Same problem. Its the whole reason I bought the sony stereo...
    04-15-10 09:17 PM