1. 03taylorc's Avatar
    i recently upgraded to .109, and first impressions are ok, lost some of the colors which i can live with for now
    but whats REALLY annoying me
    is the fact it keeps on vibrating even though theres nothing new
    at all
    no messages, calls, notifacations, apps, anything

    its not all the time, just randomly every so often
    like i could put my phone down, and it just vibrates randomly.
    its not in my head, ive felt it vibrate it my pocket before, and took it out only to be disapointed with my popularity.
    ive seen it and heard it vibrate.
    its driving me insane
    03-04-09 11:31 AM
  2. scala0613's Avatar
    If you happen to have Weatherbug installed it will buzz and the LED will light up like a message when there is a weather alert. Hopefully that is all thats going one there.
    03-04-09 11:36 AM
  3. 03taylorc's Avatar
    i have weatherbug installed.
    but i dont have weather alerts on.
    theres no LED either.. just vibrating
    03-04-09 11:40 AM