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    I purchased PS (full body kit) after reading the multiple posts on here with satisfied customers.

    I ended up shipping out my storm to their design center in AZ since I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with doing it myself and not being 100% perfect. If you are like me in this case, then I highly recommend shipping out to them. I just sent them extra postage to send it back and they did it for free. All in all, with 2day shipping both ways and insurance, it cost around $18, which was completely worth it to me to have it done professionally. If you are planning on shipping just make sure you pack your storm, the extra shipping to return, and the PS and they will take care of the rest for you - just e-mail them and let them know it's coming so they can keep an eye out for it. Feel free to e-mail CustomerService@phantomskinz.com with specific address information.

    The customer service @ PS is amazing. I contacted Guru on this site several times and they were extremely helpful each time. I also was in contact with other CSRs @ PS through e-mail and they were all great. They e-mailed me as soon as my storm arrived in AZ, again when it was shipped out and again making sure I was satisfied with the installation. If they receive it before noon, they will ship it out that day - otherwise they will ship it out the next day. Overall, I was without my storm for a total of 5 days (going from MA to AZ).

    In addition to the stellar customer service, I am very happy with the product as well. It does still fits in my chargepod - although fairly snug. The screen responsiveness has not changed at all and there are no sharp edges. I like the overall feel of the storm so much more with the PS installed.

    In addition, I had several superficial scratches on my screen prior to having the PS...with the PS installed the scratches are completely unnoticeable!

    Overall, excellent customer service and great product. Highly recommended!
    Thanks to Guru for taking the time to help me and being so professional.
    02-19-09 09:50 AM