View Poll Results: Personal or business use

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  • Personal only

    74 35.41%
  • Business only

    5 2.39%
  • Both

    130 62.20%
  • Neither

    0 0%
02-12-09 05:33 PM
55 123
  1. tsantanni's Avatar
    I'm a small business owner so I use it for both. It's an invaluable tool no doubt.

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    02-12-09 03:21 PM
  2. obireidkenobi's Avatar
    IT BES ARCHTECT. I use it, and support it.

    I work from my Storm constantly...
    02-12-09 03:59 PM
  3. TrendSettha's Avatar
    Both for me (60% personal 40% business)
    02-12-09 04:07 PM
  4. emkayh's Avatar
    originally bought for business use while i was traveling--since losing my job it has strictly become nothing but personal use all of the way although i was satisfied when it was doing its job in either situation
    02-12-09 05:09 PM
  5. substring's Avatar
    My phone will be primarily for personal use. But of course, as a system architect, the office will call my mobile phone during off hours for any system issue.

    I refuse to add corporate emails on my Storm because I don't want to read work email when I am not working. Besides, I have a laptop with Verizon aircard and VPN. So I can always dial in to read all the company emails if I want to.
    02-12-09 05:33 PM
55 123