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    Assuming your warrany is still good on your phone. Just back-up your phone and go to the store you have service through. In my case its the verizon store. As long as your not complaining about themes or maybe 3rd party apps not working, You should be able to get a replacement storm. This was brought to my attention in a thread about the storms freezing. I went in and all i told the verizon lady was that i was having issues with my storm. She came back with a brand new storm with the 328 already installed. Since i have gotten this phone. I have found that it has amazing battery life. I had heavy usage with it yesterday and i noticed at around 3pm i had only lost 1 bar. All the apps i use works with no issues. Including quickpull. I had to change nothing to get it to work. The phone has not froze once in 3 days.. The only issue that i have found is still with the themes. Oh and i haven't had any issues with memory leaks also. Just something for everyone to think about .. You may not have the same experience that i had dealing with your carriers rep but i hope everyone does. We all deserve to be this happy with our phones..
    10-31-09 07:56 AM