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    Pdf to go allows you to swipe to change pages but only when fully zoomed out, so its pointless.

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    12-24-08 11:57 PM
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    I didn't have time to explain. Pdf to go is a tiny bit faster and has a toolbar that pops up on tapping. It has the option of displaying the text as a word wrapped unformatted block just like the browser. You can swipe to change pages when zoomed out. You are supposed to be able to do the same when fit to width is enabled. I found this feature to be broken. With fit to width on, I could swipe one to three page turns before the swipe stopped working. The zoom levels for beamreader are 50 75 100 125 150. For pdftogo you get 25 50 75 100 150 200. Aside from these differences both programs operate very similarly. One page is displayed at a time and you cannot scroll through the bottom of a page to the next page. You may fit width or the whole page. All in all they are both simple viewers. I wish it could display two pages at once for continuous scrolling. Beamreader does have a transparent info bar up top that I dislike. I don't think pdftogo is worth the money if you are not going to use the main components of docstogo premium. Beamreader is still in development and I bet the differences between these apps will shrink even further in the future.

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    12-25-08 06:33 AM
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    Pdf2Go has a bug that causes trying to download (pdf) files from the web to fail (using BB Browser). I've asked them for support so we'll see what happens, but I also see other people have reported it to them in their forums and it's still not fixed yet.
    06-14-10 07:06 AM