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    I thought i would share my experience of setting up my storm on pay as you go so other people would find it easier than i did. As every shop i went to told me it was 100% absolutely impossible, which it isnt. I bought my storm from ebay locked to vodafone.

    Unlocked the phone using GSMserver for 20 pounds following the instructions they gave

    Inserted the orange sim card

    Contact the orange uk customer services team
    Orange are the only carrier in the uk who offer a blackberry BIS package which includes unlimited data, email support and specialist blackberry technical support.

    Ask customer services to add the blackberry package, they will also send the services books through at the same time

    Cold boot the phone (take battery out wait 15 seconds and put back)

    Now the tricky part.... Releasing the blackberry pin
    (chances are wherever you got it from hadnt done this)

    There are 3 options,

    1) Phone the carrier the phone was locked to, however they refuse to talk to anyone but the person who set the email up the first time. But if you brought the phone as i did from ebay, it is obviously very difficult. Will hardly ever work

    2) Contact one of these numbers

    BlackBerry Customer Support Center
    1-877-255-2377 (North America Toll Free)
    0808 100 7466 (Toll Free UK Only)
    +44 1753 558400 (Outside UK)
    1-519-888-6181 (Worldwide)
    [email protected]

    The pin release fee for the uk was 26 pounds quite expensive for what it was but is the only guaranteed way to work (kept this in reserve)

    3) The way i did it

    Once your Blackberry package is activated you will notice the email has appeared on the home screen.

    I went on the vodafone bis server and selected "forgot password" link.
    I entered the blackberry pin
    The password then was e-mailed to the address registered to the phone, which is the one left on the blackberry so behold the password appeared on my phone.

    Went back to the vodaphone bis server. I used the email address on the handset as the user name:

    e.g [email protected]

    johnsmith as username
    Then the password that came to the phone and voila im logged in!

    Then i deleted the email accounts, leaving none. This freed up the PIN somehow.

    Then go to the orange BIS website (you can find theses by googling them)
    Then create a new account or choose email setup on your phone and follow the instructions. You should start recieving emails in about 20-30 minutes

    There you have it unlocked storm with email, internet and free data for 5 pounds per month on payg

    Hows that for a first post!!!
    05-14-09 05:31 PM