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    I used one today, and was very excited. The keyboard will definitely take some getting used to. The biggest problem I had as far as typing goes is not being able to see what I was pressing because my finger was covering the letter. They should make the letter pop up instead of highlighting blue so one can see it. But with some practice, it will be a breeze.

    As far as the depressing of the screen, I like it a lot. Does it feel like you're pressing a button? Yeah, because you are. But does it improve typing and accuracy? In my opinion, no. For other selections, its great, no mistakes are made.

    Screen is beautiful. Vibrant, bright, just beautiful. And the gap? Not a big deal at all. Couldn't really see it unless I looked for it. Of course I know about it already, but my friend that was with me didn't notice it at all until I mentioned it to her.

    On the model I tried, it wasn't slow, but it wasn't fast. I was telling my friend all about the phone as I was using it, and showed her the first thing to do to explain the slowness (she uses an iPhone and I've been giving her such a hard time :P) was that people don't realize you have to CLOSE applications, not just exit them via the red end button. Sure enough, I checked to see which apps were open by holding the BB menu button, and they were ALL open. No joke--every app available was open. So we spent a couple minutes closing most of them, and afterward it was fast and crisp even though the OS was .65. It was great after that.

    Video quality is amazing, my friend was quite jealous. She's also jealous because the features of the phone far outshine the iPhone, particularly the features the iPhone doesn't have

    Sound quality is amazing, tested out a song and it was great. Internet browser was fast and easy to use.

    I found the phone incredibly easy and intuitive. I hadn't handled one before obviously, but from reading posts on this site and HOFO, I knew EXACTLY how to work the phone and was flying through it and explaining it as though I had owned the phone for months. Incredibly user friendly.

    I'm going to write a full hands on review when I get mine (granted, it will be a long past due review, but I'm still gonna do it!), but this is my 5 minutes with the phone. Can't wait for mine
    11-21-08 08:49 PM