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    Hello community. First of all, I searched for this issue on the forums and didn't find, so I opened a thread.

    My problem is as follows.

    My phone reboots randomly while using applications. All type of apps. Media, web based, etc. What happens is that it shows I have a full battery, but only a few minutes of using an app, or even the phone for a call, my phone reboots, but it begins a reboot cycle that never gets past the uploading bar until the battery dies completely.

    Now, I believe it's a battery issue for several reasons. First, the battery is slightly over a year old and I read that BB batteries start failing after a year. And second, If my phone is plugged in, the reboot cycle does complete itself and my phone comes back to life.

    However, I'm worried it's an OS issue because if I DONT use apps, just leave my phone alone, the battery life is standard. That is to say, it won't drain super fast.

    whew....sorry for that long explanation.

    Can someone shed some light into this? I already ordered a couple of batteries (it was a 2 for 1 deal), but I would still like to hear ya'lls opinion. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    04-16-10 03:42 AM