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    I am running .103 on by 9530.

    I need some help. About 30% of the time when my Storm pulls up a portrait keyboard, it pulls up a partial keyboard. The partial keyboard has three letters per key. It does not have all 26 letters (It has 18 letters, !?123, sym, space, shift, back, enter). If I rotate the device to landscape, the full qwerty comes up. In portrait, I can switch from the partial keyboard to multitap or qwerty, but once it gives me the partial keyboard, I can not switch to the normal suretype keyboard.

    I get this keyboard about 30% of the time. It has happened while searching contacts, writing email/pin messages, in BlackBerry Messenger, in Facebook, and other times.

    This is not new. I don't remember which OS version it appeared in, but it did it with .99 and .90 for sure.

    I searched the forum and I am sure I missed the post on this topic. Sorry. I am not trying to be lazy.

    I could really use some help if anyone has a solution to this problem.

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