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    Sorry, but I'm still in shock over the Task program that ships with the Storm! Please tell me I'm missing something, or there's a 3rd party alternative. Please! I know there are lots of Task threads here and I've reviewed every one, but thanks to my Palm history I have some very specific requirements and thought this might save time for myself and others migrating from the Palm world. I do NOT want a wireless or web app - I want the software on my Storm, syncing with Outlook on my desktop.

    I just switched from Palm to BB Storm with the goal being 1 device for phone & organizer. I used the Palm Task Manager a LOT and it's worked very well. The key benefits missing from BB Task List are :

    1) In Palm you can select to see only those items that are Due (ie - to be done today or earlier) and/or those Uncompleted; In BB I get a list of every single Task due now and in the future etc.; How can I get it to show only those Due or Past Due? (figured out how to hide completed tasks)

    2) In Palm you can sort by Priority within Due Date - yeah, I'm anal but I get a lot done! How can I do this with the BB Task List? I can see a single level sort by Due Date but that's it - and I need 5 levels of priority min.

    2) In Palm you can see the Due Date, Priority and Category in the Task List so you can make decisions easily on the fly - but in BB you only see the Task description

    Wow - I'd never realized how much I depended on that simple little PDA app! Palm devices may have fallen behind, but their built in apps were well done.

    As an aside, so far the programs I've listed to check out are rememberthemilk.com, franklincovey.com, maratick.com and todomatrix by rexwireless.com. Anyone have opinions basd on what I've listed above?

    Thanks for your help - I get the feeling I'm headed for a 3rd party app, but would prefer otherwise.

    - R.
    01-14-09 02:49 AM
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    No one have ANY solutions? So far rememberthemilk just syncs to the BB Task list so that doen't help. maratick is too limited. todomatrix doesn't sync to Outlook. and franklincovey has such a poor web site & customer service I'm still waiting to find out!

    Friends who are BB users have dropped using the Task list altogether and just use the Calendar, but when you have a whole bunch of stuff to get done on one day the display is unmanageable. So that's out.

    Anyone? Anything?

    - R.
    01-14-09 05:15 PM
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    It's not ready for primetime yet on the Storm, but I loved Pocket Informant on my WinMo phone. PI is brand new on the BB, and version 1.5 with Storm support is not out yet (they are predicting late Jan/early Feb), but it will definitely be worth downloading the trial and seeing if it meets your needs.

    I agree, the task function is a joke as it is. I love a lot of things about the BB OS/apps, but this is definitely a big miss.

    I'm SUPER eager for PI 1.5 to come out!
    01-14-09 05:36 PM
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    Yeah, I don't use the task list at all, only the calendar. But unfortunately that doesn't help you. :\
    01-14-09 05:59 PM
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    I agree the Task program is a joke. But so in the Calendar and Contact program. I am also waiting for Pocket Informant to improve for the Blackberry. I really liked it with WinMo. I am also looking at the e-mobile programs. But they do not offer a trial program so I am not sure about that.
    01-14-09 11:12 PM
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    I agree 100%. I cant believe the pim apps on this phone, esp the calendar and tasks. I cant even see the due date for the task. And I only want to see past or current tasks, not every task that Ive entered. And all of my undated tasks are at the bottom of my list since I sort by due date, so I have 50 tasks to scroll thru in order to see them. And no icons for things like notes (on the task). And why not more sorting options? Are all BB's like this?

    And a split screen app would be nice, showing tasks and calendar appts on 1 screen.

    Does anybody have a PIM that actually works on the Storm?
    01-15-09 12:24 AM
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    Hi, first post here. I'm a long-time Palm user who is also trying to get used to the limitations of my new BB Pearl Flip as a PIM.

    Because I'm migrating from Palm, I had to switch to Outlook as an intermediary to dump Palm data to my new BB. My biggest issue was having to change the category of many of my contacts because the field chosen on my Palm T|X wasn't visible on my BB after the migration.

    I agree that Tasks are pretty limited, so it's a good thing I only keep a few personal items like "Go to Home Depot" or "See Coraline" on my BB task list.

    One thing I wanted to know was why my tasks aren't copied to Outlook once they're marked completed. Every task I ever entered on the Palm is listed in Outlook, but when I enter a task on the BB & mark it completed, it doesn't show up in Outlook at all. I haven't done enough experimenting to be sure, but I think if I enter a new task on the BB, sync to Outlook, later mark it completed on the BB, then sync again, it will be retained in Outlook. But if I create it on the BB and mark it completed before my next sync, it's gone forever (wiped from both BB and Outlook during sync).

    Have others seen this behavior and is there a workaround without that extra sync? Thanks in advance,
    02-10-09 10:37 AM
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    If you register for the WebIS forums, I believe that you can download the beta of version 1.5 of Pocket Informant, which will function correctly on the Storm. I think that you might find this will solve many of your issues. As for the syncing of info back to Outlook, that is a RIM issue, not the software. My understanding is that a (near)future version of BIS/BES will give better support there and will automatically become available to users. We can only wait.
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    02-10-09 05:26 PM
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    Agendus is pretty good. They write versions for palm, outlook, and blackberry. But I haven't gotten rid of my t/x yet! Nobody does pim like palm.

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    02-10-09 05:41 PM
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    Check out the thread "Agendus (and other Task/PIM apps) for Storm". Lots of good info there.

    - R.
    02-10-09 09:15 PM