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    Ok, I work at a paint company and over the last few weeks I have been messing around with some different types of translucent paints for my BB Storm battery cover. If you have ever seen the football helmets that are coated heavy in metallics and change colors as they are twisted in the light, this is very similar to what I have been doing. I have done 8 battery covers and at parties and other gatherings I have switched out with people because I can just re-coat my new one... So, I will post some pics soon and show you what I'm talking about but if anyone wants this, I'd be happy to do it for you for free. (except the cost of shipping it to me)
    Our company is Eugene, Oregon and if anyone around here wants to see it done in person I'd be more then happy to take you on a tour and show you in person.

    We have lots of colors and styles. Basically, when it is coated over a black or darker surface, it drastically brings out the metallic flakes and really looks cool.
    The Verizon and Blackberry logo also still continue to shine through clearly and are not covered up as the soon to follow pics will show.

    You can reach me at 541 342 1821 and ask for John Brown
    05-21-09 04:38 PM
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    BB Storm Cover painted
    This is just one of many colors. When held at angle it appears black (normal), when tilted or exposed to sun light or bright lights it turns dark red with heavy metallic flakes.

    The picture doesn't really do justice to how cool this paint is.
    pic1- Just showing color
    pic2-showing metallic flakes/sparkles
    pic3- showing gloss level

    I'm not charging for this so I have no hidden agenda, just want to share this cool way of decorating our Storms.

    If I could only do the top/bottom and sides..........

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    This is actually really cool.
    05-21-09 08:32 PM
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    Not bad dude.
    05-21-09 08:40 PM