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    Just thought we should have our own thread to post the things we like and compare to previous products so perspective buyers will get to read the good side as well as seeing comments from all the nay sayers.

    Background: I am a previous mobile windows user and Ipod Touch user.

    1. Click screen is AWESOME. No more errors texting/emailing than any other product.

    2. Went running this morning and with the screen locked I can still hold the Storm and change tracks and volume with the side buttons. (Had to unlock screen with Ipod Touch)

    3. Orb. The program is the perfect alternative for trying to convert and move mass amounts of media to your blackberry. (Not really storm specific but awesome).

    4. Plain and simple this thing is the ALL-IN-ONE device I have wanted to years without the limits of *cough* Apple proprietary software.

    Keep 'em comming.
    11-26-08 11:05 AM