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    Hello All. I've been a blackberry user since Dec 08 with the storm 1 and just upgraded to the storm 2 six weeks ago. I have truly enjoyed reading these forums over the past few years. I believe that they are an undervalued resource. I often hope that officials at RIM frequent them because there is an immense wealth of knowledge about their customer in these forums. I am a tech enthusiast as well as a crack berry addict and decided yesterday to post some thoughts.

    I am the type of bb user that upgrades his berry the day an OS leaks. I had a patient but frustrating experience with the S1. I refused to give up on the device because I expected more from RIM and will admit that they made substantial (but necessary) changes for the year that I used it. I am sorry to see that the device has had a lack of leaks in the past few months. This will leave a sour taste in the mouths of users if they drop support. In my opinion the phone has a lot of life in it but sadly has poorly written software running it.

    After hearing the positive reviews S2 users, I got the itch and took the plunge. I did however demand s
    some sort of a discount from verizon. I repeatedly told their store managers that verizon isn't the problem (although I was thoroughly dissatisfied with the lack of technical knowledge of the phone). RIM was the issue. How does an end user complain to rim about their device? My answer, through verizon. Enough verizon customers complain about their device, RIM will certainly hear about it.

    I ended up accepting an offer from verizon for $79 with a BOGO as long as I renewed my two year contract with verizon. (I was a year into a two year contract at the time) Satisfied with their offer I took the two phones and have been using them since.

    The first thing that I noticed about S2 is that I no longer had memory issues or leaks. This was pretty buch the only problem with the S1. It was, however, a huge one.

    Yesterday I took a wifi enabled flight with my S2 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm running the latest 607 leak and surfed the web using opera mini while bbming and listened to music. All without interuption and quick transitions between apps that I was using. This was exactly the type of use that I expected my device to handle. The only thing I could ask for is a better browser. There are some rumors about S2 not having webkit. I am hoping that RIM is listening to all of us complaining about the possibility being true. I think that this will drive away many customers. Verizon certainly won't do me another favor to upgrade if this is the case either.

    In closing, if there are any S1 users out there considering an upgrade to the S2, go for it. If u had issues with your S1 (assuming almost everyone did) let verizon know about it.

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    04-02-10 05:22 PM
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    Good story...
    04-02-10 05:29 PM
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    I just got the S2 as well. I wasn't going to bite the bullet until later this year when my NE2 was up but when my S1 had a Java Script Error on sunday and a battery pull resulted in my contacts being deleted (had them backed up thankfully) I thought about replacing it. When a random lock up resulted in 3/4 of my contacts being deleted 2 days later I pulled the trigger. I had just gotten in my email box an offer for $ 99.00 early replacement.

    I like the action on the screen much better BUT there does seem to be a stick issue on the return key and when I try to lock the numbers key while in MMS mode it goes back to the home screen. If this isn't remedied with the new OS then I will likely ask for a replacement phone.

    Memory leaking was a HUGE issue with the S1 and I was doing quick pulls 3 to 4 times a day ... and I had nothing other then "normal" stuff running in the background (no 3rd party apps). The S2 doesn't seem to have the same issues. I LOVE the amount of application / device memory this has.

    EDIT: The only thing that seems a bit long is initial boot up but is that due to increased memory/function of the phone?

    I thought I was going to have buyers remorse but so far nope, I love it. I loved my S1 though as well ... Let's see how this new OS goes.
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    I had no remorse either until I started playing with my wife's Droid Eris last week, Android is really nice. I know email is not the same, however, you really see how generic (yet functional) the blackberry OS is. I love blackberry and love my storm, but if they don't step it up soon, there will be a lot of people switching to Android, or Iphone, if it comes to VZW.
    04-03-10 12:24 AM
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    One warning: I upgraded to the Storm 2 last Saturday and 4 days later I dropped the phone in a parking lot, which I had done many times before with my original Storm. This time, however, the screen shattered. I don't know whether it hit at just the right angle to shatter or it's because the screen doesn't wiggle like the old Storm, giving it a little less cushion. Luckily, the kid at Verizon took pitty on me, and I paid $50 and they sent me a replacement instead of making me pay full retail like they told me over the phone. The only drawback now is I think this screen is a bit looser than the one I got (I noticed the manufactor date on the back is from the first batch with screen problems), so I may have to play with the screws a bit.
    04-03-10 12:28 AM
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    I completely agree with the no buyers remorse sentiment. I usually get this with many materialistic things I purchase. However, my BB is one of the devices that I use most and the S2 answered the frustrations that I had with the S1.

    I cant stress enough how important the new browser is. A decent browser is no longer a nice to have feature in the marketplace, it is a necessity. I wish that RIM would stop messing around with new form factors (slider) or "cool" white phones and pull it together on an upgrade that matters. I read somewhere on these forums that a user suggested that a webkit should be deliberately leaked out to those brave enough to install it. This, in my honest opinion, would be a stroke of genius contingent on the fact that it actually exists and is being tested internally. This would be a glimmer of hope for the many frustrated BB users just waiting to jump ship to one of the MANY alternatives in the market. I think it would also allow RIM to see the reaction of the brave souls who run leaked OSes and to perhaps learn from us.

    I think there has been a serious miscalculation in the launch of the webkit browser. The present time frame is for its arrival is, "sometime this year". I cant help to believe that this means fall or early winter. This could be a mistake that buries RIM the same way that the mighty PALM has fallen off the map. It was unsettling to hear Jim Bastille casually shrug off results of RIMS 4th quarter earnings by saying that the upcoming year will, "Blow you away". I hope he is right. I also hope that he doesn't plan on blowing my mind with a slider that has a webkit and leaving me using my S2 with Opera Mini. As much as I hate to say it, the way that RIM and verizon has run away from the S1, I wouldn't be surprised if we S2 users get the short end of the stick here.

    Logic and a little hope tells me that there is no way that a device such as the storm 2 that is only 5 months old will not get webkit. Also, it has been announced that Bell Canada is just getting the storm 2 in April. So, why would RIM be launching the S2 in their native Canada, just to screw its buyers into a crappy browser?

    Before anyone that cares to read this post comes back at me telling me to get an iphone or an andriod, I don't want to. I love my blackberry and what I expect out of it is perfectly reasonable. If not for my sake than for the sake of RIM prospering in the future.
    04-03-10 12:34 AM
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    I liked this post. While I probably wouldn't say I had the same experience with the Storm 9500/9530, I do agree that the 9520/9550 series is a big improvement. I wish we'd get more threads like this, instead of the constant bashing over miniscule issues.
    04-03-10 12:35 AM
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    EDIT: The only thing that seems a bit long is initial boot up but is that due to increased memory/function of the phone?

    Karen, regarding the longer boot, it seems that the 607 OS simply has a longer boot sequence due to the way it was written. The previous 9550 leak had a considerably faster boot up.
    04-03-10 12:37 AM
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    What's the process for moving items on the Storm 1 over to the Storm 2? And I mean information that wouldn't tranfer thru Outlook and the DM, like photos, ringtones, apps, music?
    Can I assume that themes for the Storm 1 won't work on the Storm 2?
    And how do you overcome the OCD habit of checking memory!
    05-14-10 08:09 PM