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    I just returned from Ireland / London and had two issues with my 9530 that might help someone else. #1-for some reason my Verizon account did not reflect the correct sim card number. It apparently wasn't updated from my previous BB so when I arrived I had no connectivity. A call to Verizon global support fixed it but the next time I change phones I'll call Verizon before I head overseas to be sure the correct number is in the profile. #2-at the same time, but not sure how it would be related, while the phone was now restored I had no BB browser activity or pushed email from our enterprise server. At first this appeared to be just in Ireland because after fooling around with new service books and new host routine table registration I had a window (an hour or so) where everything worked but it wasn't stable. The browser and email went down again and stayed that way and the phone wouldn't accept enterprise activation. When I arrived in London the problem persisted, and the cruncher was when I arrived back in the US yesterday with the same issue. For some reason the phone developed a glitch overseas (not sure if or how related to #1) that no new service book or re-registering via host routing table or anything else would fix to allow new enterprise activation. Multiple opinions agreed that the next step was to wipe the phone and then see if things returned to normal including the browser and ability to do enterprise activation. It turns out that it did but since I didn't take my laptop with me there was no way to fix this overseas. Hopefully the BB will be stable now. That appears to be the case at this point. Not a fun trip but hopefully an isolated experience as far as this particular unit is concerned.
    03-05-09 06:17 AM
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    Sounds like good times

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