1. CopyPaste's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    So after a long, difficult process, I called today to make sure I was getting mine by noon.


    Ordered at 10am was promised overnight shipping...not shipping until 11/25 AT THE EARLIEST.

    Called the rep she gave me the bad news, if you have no tracking number guys, you arent getting it today.

    I got 20 bucks out of it, but from the time i wasted trying to get this phone, i should have gotten 100.

    Seriously, I like the phone, but i really dont like it this much. Problem is I have a broken cell right now and now I'll have nothing to make calls with. I held out for a week because I wanted this phone, but now I gotta go till next week without one.

    I know im going to sound like everyone else, but honestly thats just plain bad customer service, and bad policy.

    When I originally got to the store at 8am, 3 people ahead of me, no big deal, waited 40 minutes, started the process, asked if they still had any, he said of course, went to sign the contract, "Oh you know we don't actually have any in store right."

    I really cant wait to say this. I "stormed" out there

    But after talking on the phone with a rep i was promised it overnighted by noon tommorow (this was an 9am)

    So everyone whos sitting around wasting their time. Go cheer on the the bucks, cause it aint comin in today if you have no tracking number.

    Also no posts saying "I got my tracking number last night woooooo"
    11-22-08 09:15 AM
  2. sbudaj's Avatar
    I'm in a similar boat, but mine was shipped Friday and I do have a FedEx tracking number. I was promised Saturday delivery by the sales rep, but the tracking number says Monday delivery. Oh well.
    11-22-08 09:48 AM