1. ifixbax's Avatar
    Prior to purchasing a Storm, I was using a Motorola Z6c for my phone calls and an HP IPAQ4700 for my calendar, contacts, etc. I was able to transfer all of my phone contacts from the Z6C to the Storm without any problem. Is it possible to also transfer all of my contacts from the IPAQ, which uses Outlook on my PC for storage? If yes, is it also possible to store this information in a different directory or location as there are reasons I would prefer no overlap. Thanks in advance for attention and assistance.
    02-02-09 02:58 PM
  2. kentbrockman21's Avatar
    You can take the content from your outlook and put it into the BB by using the desktop manager software included in your box. However there is no way that I know to seperate your contacts. They will all be lumped together in your address book. For any questions about using the desktop manager software to sync your contacts check out some of the forums on here they can be very helpful
    02-02-09 03:08 PM
  3. ifixbax's Avatar
    Thanks. I did several searches but did not find a specific answer to my separation issue. I'll keep trying to figure it out. Thanks again for the help.
    02-03-09 06:52 AM