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    With the new year kicking in, I just received a series of about 30 meeting requests for various meetings, committees, etc. (oh boy..), and as I was receiving them, I noticed something very strange. Some were showing up on my Storm as "meeting requests" (icons with the two people) and some were showing up as simple emails (envelope icon). With meeting requests, you can "accept" them and they populate the Outlook Calendar. With the others I could not do that. I have a sample screen shot below that shows what I am talking about.

    Here are some things I have already figured out. They all show up correctly in Outlook as meeting requests, so this is not a "sender error", Others in these meetings had them show up correctly on their BlackBerrys, but I am the only one with a Storm. It is not related to the date of the meeting and/or whether the meeting is inside or outside the numbers of days I selected to show appointments (90 days), and it doesn't have anything to do with whether or not I have a conflict at the time of the proposed meeting.

    I don't know if this is a Storm issue, an Outlook issue specific to me, or a Network issue on the company's end (I'm on BES).

    Any thoughts or ideas what might be going on? Here is the screen shot:
    01-01-09 12:04 PM
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    I have a similar issue happening with a couple of Curves, mine with Verizon and another with AT&T. The meeting requests don't show up on the Blackberry but when I accept them in Outlook, it populates the Blackberry calendar immediately. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting. Just started looking.
    04-22-10 07:22 PM