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    So my Storm is connected on the BES, and my company has limited the functions that my phone can use (i.e. No MMS, blocked websites, no IM, etc..), but I need some games on here to occupy my time. I try to download some of the OTA links, and they work fine. Others, like DMG's games links, are blocked from the home office.
    Is there a way I can download the jad file, email it to myself and then open it/install it?
    Thanks guys/gals. Not to experienced with BB yet, but getting better everyday with all the help in here.
    02-12-09 08:20 PM
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    I haven't tried this myself but according to Sith_Apprentice it is possible to install it with DM.

    OTA seems to be the preferred method. However if you use the device and MDS simulators you can use that to download OTA apps and then load them via DM to your device.
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