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    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.....

    I have a couple of questions that I hoped this community could answer.

    I have a 9530 unlocked and working on T-Mobile. E-Mail, Browser , Windows Messenger, etc all work correctly. My current OS is .75.

    1) What are the benefits of OS .99?

    2) Will I need to reinstall all of the apps that I currently have if I upgrade the OS?

    3) Will I need to completely reconfigure to get everything working on T-Mobile again?

    4) If I do a backup, then an OS upgrade, then a restore will all of my settings and apps be as before the upgrade?

    thanks for the help
    02-09-09 06:50 AM
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    I would recommend that you read, read, read. Diving into the upgrade process can seem daunting, but research is part of the journey. I have found myself enjoying the learning that goes along the entire process.

    Here's a good start for a load of information on .99:




    You will find tons of pros and cons in these links and others.

    This thread provides great information on upgrading, backing up and restoring:


    Good luck!
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    02-09-09 07:20 AM
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    just research as much as possible. i upgraded and tried all of the betas, didn't like any of them. pretty buggy for me so i am back down to .75 until an approved upgrade.
    02-09-09 10:10 AM