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    My BB is not ' company issued ' but if an employee has a blackberry, it is registered on the company's BES. I've heard about BES users not being able to upgrade their os with new leaks, but what those like me that own their blackberrys but register it on the company's BES? Will the BES not work if I upgrade my os past .75 or is there another reason why I can't/shouldn't upgrade until an official is released?

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    05-24-09 02:15 PM
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    My BB isn't company issued, but is on my employer's BES. I've had no trouble upgrading to leaked/Beta operating system.

    However, you'll have to reactivate with your company's BES every time you upgrade. I used to have to call/email IT for an activation code every time, but recently, IT set me up so I can reactivate automatically by connecting to DM. I think they were getting annoyed since I upgrade to every leak.
    05-24-09 02:56 PM
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    Thanks for info, that was the last issue preventing me from upgrading.

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    05-24-09 04:32 PM
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    the BES admin can create a preference in the IT system that will not allow BES keys to be sent to devices with unauthorized OS builds, but they have to indicate what is and what isn't authorized in the admin settings. if your admin hasn't created that preference, then you should be okay. can't hurt to ask, or just try it and see if it works.
    05-24-09 05:47 PM
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    thanks patches, and thanks for all the info you provide here. I upgraded, very easy. Loving 148 and am kicking myself for not upgrading to any of the leaks earlier. Here's hoping there won't be any issues getting back on bes after the holiday weekend.

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    05-24-09 08:17 PM
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    welcome. have fun!

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    05-24-09 08:59 PM