1. tcrew1228's Avatar
    Does anyone have a solution to the Pop email problem in OS .99?

    I cannot receive or send emails, log into gchat, update signature via either Email Setup or BIS.na. This is quite frustrating since it is a great version.

    Also, it is almost impossible to find useful answers in this forum. (Almost as bad as acquiring meaning from YouTube comments) Digging through 80 pages of supposed "OS .99 Findings Only!!!" for an actual insight was a miserable experience. Improved content organization would be warmly welcomed.


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    storm 9530 .99
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    02-17-09 10:21 PM
  2. zeiroe's Avatar
    ... I wasn't aware there was a pop email issue in .99 ... it almost sounds as if you don't have a data connection ... your signal bar does say 1xEV right?
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    02-17-09 10:25 PM
  3. tcrew1228's Avatar
    It does say 1exEV. The peculiar thing is that one gmail account works, the other doesn't.

    The OS.99 main findings thread is littered with people noting a similar problem.
    02-17-09 10:33 PM
  4. zeiroe's Avatar
    well damn ... I don't think I'll be of any help here then ... I have 1 BES email and 5 BIS, 3 of which are gmail and I'll get them all ... roughly around a decent 5 min window per blanket email test ...
    02-17-09 10:38 PM
  5. tcrew1228's Avatar
    After reading through a bunch of pages, it appears as thought 'glitch' only poses a problem for certain people.

    No good. Either way, thanks for the look.

    Not a huge problem, just quite annoying. Might have to give .103 a go.

    thanks again.
    02-17-09 10:41 PM
  6. kokuryuha's Avatar
    You can try .103 or try reloading .99 if it is indeed a glitch. I have 6 accounts on my Storm, all POP, and have ran both those OS versions without a hitch. OS reload is worth a shot.
    02-17-09 11:50 PM