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    In my experience you guys seem to be really helpful as so here goes with my latest 2 questions. my storm 9530 is flashed to metropcs with talk text web and mms..everything is working great running OS 4.7. If i upgrade to OS 5.0 will it screw up my flash?if i do upgrade what are the benefits of 5.0 over 4.7? cuz i really cant afford to pay this guy to do it again. Also is anyone aware of any apps that will offer an alternative keyboard? im just having the hardest time getting used to the damn thing..especially in portrait mode..sending a text is almost impossible.anyways thanks for your input as always..
    06-23-10 03:45 PM
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    Well some of the 5.0 OS's out have much better memory management. Typing has gotten somewhat better over 4.7 but no new keyboard or anything just less lag. I'm using .419 and don't have any real problems.
    It will screw up the flash to metro though if you change the OS. You will have to resetup all your service books again among other things. If I had a walkthrough for you it would make things easier but I've never flashed a phone to metro. See if someone on site can help before you attempt the upgrade so you don't have to pay for it.

    As for the portrait typing there are three different layouts to choose from in the options screen. Scroll down to screen/keyboard in options and try them out. Typing with one hand on this phone is almost impossible as I had an old razr before this phone and that's what I was used to.

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    thanks for the suggestion...i looked through the choices like you said and i realized that in portrait mode multi-tap is the way to go for me! i switched from a samsung flip phone so i was already really used to that format! and if i would have to reflash than i will opt against the OS upgrade but im glad u cleared it up for me..once again crackberry addicts save the day!!! thanks dude
    06-23-10 05:02 PM