11-06-09 05:02 PM
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  1. hookbill's Avatar
    I really cannot believe you guys are so complacent with .230.
    I'm not. I said in my evaluation that I thought there was a lot of hype involved here and now I'm starting to think about going back. I'd like a phone that at least has a reliable mp3 player.
    09-21-09 08:44 AM
  2. Gil718's Avatar
    It was nice to see the improvements in .230 but too many bugs for me to enjoy the phone. SMS was pretty glitchy as well...back to .167 for now.

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    09-21-09 09:07 AM
  3. rickfleming's Avatar
    So I can't even play my music.... I use VZW/Rhapsody Subscription and since I upgraded to .230 it doesn't even recognize my BB anymore....so I cant update my music or add any to it anymore.Also sometimes my phone resets itself when watching videos.Kind of annoying but I'll live with it I guess, because I like everything else about this OS!

    I ended up downgrading because of the rhapsody issue. If rhapsody does not even recognize my phone, what's the point. Any one using .230 with rhapsody yet?

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    09-28-09 05:52 AM
  4. kinggeoff's Avatar
    The music player bug isnt as bad as with previous builds. .151 is still the king for music playback, sucks that they managed to break it again. But .230 is just so sweet I'll overlook the odd media bug (and never thought i would until i tried .230 for myself)
    09-28-09 09:09 AM
  5. dipgolf's Avatar
    I'm still amazed that Verizon chose 148 as their official. That release had the worst music player issues.

    I have noticed something weird that never happened for me until I moved to 230. When the sound goes out, I've tried hitting the mute button on the top of my phone. When I press it again, the sound moves to the speaker.

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    09-28-09 10:53 AM
  6. blaisedinsd's Avatar
    Pandora works for me and Im on t-mobile. I know its the obvious question but did you remove and re install and try again?
    My question for you is have you listened to entire songs to the very end before saying Pandora is working for you?

    If you test it, yeah it works...but if you listen to a song all the way until the very end you will see that songs pause for no reason near the end (around 20 seconds or so left).

    By the way, I loaded up the .216 Java from 9500 on my .230 9530...
    Pandora is still broken, but after some minimal testing I do not have any song muting issues. I do have some album's displaying incorrectly as I did in .230 where some songs show up twice and out of order....So far everything else seems the same as .230 I am going to keep testing it, but it would be nice if .216 was a fix for the muting issues.
    09-28-09 11:08 AM
  7. Lightessnc's Avatar
    Am I the only one not experiencing this music glitch? I have tried with my headphones and on speaker and it never mutes the next song on .191 it did but after a battery pull it stopped. Now on 230 I haven't experience it yet and I listen to about two hours straight of music everyday. I don't have Pandora back on my phone since I know about that glitch which is annoying.

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    09-28-09 11:24 AM
  8. blaisedinsd's Avatar
    Ok the .216 Java is worse.

    I used my BT headphones and not only do the songs mute, but it also stop using the headphones and starts playing through the phone speaker sometimes. I did a fresh pairing and did not restore any backup.
    09-28-09 11:26 AM
  9. jtdriver's Avatar

    Anyone hear of any fix for this yet? Still having this prob with .328...
    11-06-09 05:02 PM
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