1. shehzade's Avatar
    hi can some1 tell me what is the difference between 113 os and 109 cant seem to notice what feature does 113 bring plss
    03-12-09 06:39 PM
  2. AaronMoorcroft's Avatar
    not sure about more fetures but it runs 100 times better
    03-12-09 06:44 PM
  3. shehzade's Avatar
    it does run alot better but do you get the cut and paste thing that alot of people is talking about coz i cant see it???
    03-12-09 06:50 PM
  4. AaronMoorcroft's Avatar
    not really somthing i have looked for to be honest if everyone is saying its there then im sure it is

    03-12-09 06:53 PM
  5. shehzade's Avatar
    i cant find it i think its not there because 114 have it not sure though
    03-12-09 06:57 PM
  6. AaronMoorcroft's Avatar
    oh well dont worry its not a major issue in the grand scheme of things be calm mate
    03-12-09 07:00 PM
  7. shehzade's Avatar
    oh well am calm and happy too its does make a big difference the 113 anyway was watching the video where they control the f1 car with the storm have you seen it ? do you knw when this application will b available coz its sooooo coool man want to try it for fun
    03-12-09 07:04 PM
  8. AaronMoorcroft's Avatar
    no mate i dont know when its going to be around, I have seen it and yeah its looks pretty cool
    03-12-09 07:07 PM
  9. shehzade's Avatar
    anyway thks for clearing thing out with me its late in uk got to go to work in 5 hours thks m8 take care
    03-12-09 07:10 PM
  10. hyper_ion's Avatar
    Hi, anyone having download link of .114 for 9500? Thanks in adv.
    03-14-09 03:31 PM
  11. hyper_ion's Avatar
    Downloading .113, currently running .109 which was a huge relief after forced .78 from vodafone.
    03-14-09 03:35 PM