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    Well, I ordered a 9550 today with an early renewal from Telass. I'm looking forward to watching movies in 480x360 and having a large browser. ****, a Curve screen would seem big after 18 months on a Pearl. I'm also looking forward to some decent games and being able to see a fair chunk of the xls files I need to view. What else do I need to take advantage of that my Pearl would have denied me? Thanks! I already ordered an Otterbox Defender since my Pearl's life was saved more than once by its Defender case.
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    (sorry if this is a bit of a rehash of my "Wish my Storm2 could do...." post)

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    04-24-10 03:33 AM
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    The screen! lol

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    04-24-10 04:22 AM
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    Haha, of *course the screen. I meant more like coming to 5.0 from 4.5 etc, and storm[2]-specific stuff as well. I'm not a business user, just a mild hobbiest. I personally cannot wait to stop retyping "guy" when it comes up "hit" thanks to suretype. Hurray for QWERTYY!

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    04-24-10 04:32 AM
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    Chill, when you get it, you'll know what to do with it

    Good that you upgraded from a Pearl, because SureType is available for the Storm2 too (in portrait mode only, you'll understand the difference of portrait and landscape soon enough if you don't already know what I'm talking about). For your Excel needs the Standard Edition of Documents to Go from DataViz should be good, but should you need to view PDF documents I highly recommend RepliGo Reader from Cerience Corporation. It costs a bit less than $20 USD, but it's worth it.

    At first it might feel weird to use the touch screen; at least that's how I felt. However once discovering the possibilities of the touch screen you don't want to go back to a tracball/trackpad BlackBerry anymore (and I don't believe you will miss a QWERTY keyboard either, seeing as you come from a Pearl that had a 'limited' keyboard anyway*).

    * with this I mean people who are used to e-mail and SMS hundreds of messages a day, hence requiring support for their typing speed directly from the hardware; with the Storm2 that can be hard to achieve. It's a love it or hate it thing, personally I like the virtual keyboard and the ability to change the language on the fly (I type in Arabic, being able to see what characters I'm going to input as opposed to remembering each key is very convenient).
    04-24-10 04:39 AM
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    That's one heck of a massive upgrade... Uum, let's see... I'll try to think of the biggest improvements besides the screen:

    - Much faster processor
    - Threaded SMS
    - Far smoother UI
    - Option of full QWERTY keyboard
    - GPS/Wifi (depending on your Pearl model)
    - Much faster boot up time
    - Latest app support (QuickLaunch!!!)
    - Better media player usability (seeking through a song or video was a real nightmare with a trackball)
    - More memory
    - There should be lots more you discover when you try it yourself. I'm going to bed...
    04-24-10 05:08 AM
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    Here are the must have games that are Storm-Specific that are currently on my phone.....

    PBA Bowling 3D
    Road Mania
    Need for Speed Shift
    Tank Recond 3D
    Druglord Wars 2 (avilable for every phone but great game)
    04-24-10 06:19 AM
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    Thanks for the game list! It gives me a good place to start.

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    04-24-10 06:51 PM
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    I went from an 8130 to the 9530 an then to the 9550. Great transition, the 8130 is one plucky device. I still miss it sometimes.
    04-24-10 07:15 PM