07-14-10 03:57 PM
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  1. JetJock79's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Sorry about the NEWB question, but I have been away from doing any OS installations since I got my Storm 2. I did enough work with the 9530 to know what to do with installing/shrinking, etc. but I just have a few questions about this Hybrid that I would like to install this week. I'm still running .320 because I didn't want to chance the upgrade and having issues with some of my apps, etc. I did enough of this with the 9530. I plan on usng this Hybrid with .713, Here are my questions;

    1) Does this Hybrid have issues with BBM (I dont use group chat), Tether, Berry Weather, Google Maps, Opera Mini, Facebook, PatternLock? These are the core apps I care about.

    2) Any issues with reception?

    I'd like to take the plunge soon because I have noticed a memory leak, and my phone running a bit sluggish. If I'm going to wipe and reinstall everything....why not try something new as long as it works.

    Also, when reloading everything...should I do battery pulls after installing EACH app....or just after installing all of them? Thanks for all the insight!
    07-14-10 03:44 PM
  2. Devil's Avatar
    Someone has been nice enough to give me the direct link to the BBM Beta which for some reason gives me a "You are not authorized to view this program area." in red color.

    I'm registered as Canada, but physically in Philippines at this time. Matters?
    07-14-10 03:57 PM
52 123