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    ::::OOAKDPC .692 for the 95X0 (.4xx Radio Version)::::

    .4xx radio version - Should show .580 in Help-->About screen

    Install the .4xx os of your choosing for your device, replace the files in the java folder with the hybrid files and install.

    Before you can load up the os, you need to type a command into the BlackBerry.alx file so all the files will load properly.
    I have premade the alx file, so all you need to do is download it and put it in the os folder with the rest of the alx files.

    You may download the alx file here:

    The problem is in the blackberry.alx file, its too old and does not tell DM to add this file into the install.

    If you take the net_rim_bbapi_sharing.cod from the hybrid and load it on to your phone through bbsak it should be away.

    You can also go into the blackberry.alx and add the file name in there and it will then install automatically.

    Just drop it in the OS folder with the other alx files.

    Download it here:
    http://www.greg-gorbos.com/OneOfaKin...kBerry9530.rar -rar/zip -9530

    http://www.greg-gorbos.com/OneOfaKin...kBerry9500.rar -rar/zip -9500

    http://www.greg-gorbos.com/OneOfaKin...kBerry9520.rar -rar/zip -9520

    http://www.greg-gorbos.com/OneOfaKin...kBerry9550.rar -rar/zip -9550


    http://www.greg-gorbos.com/OneOfaKin...bridshrunk.rar Shrunk/Zip

    http://www.greg-gorbos.com/OneOfaKin...idunshrunk.rar Unshrunk/Zip
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    Seems complicated for what may be a marginal improvement. How does this help?
    05-24-10 01:49 PM
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    Not working with OneOfaKindDPC I was followed instruction but no luck to install. I'm always getting [J:0x0000000A] error in DM. Any ideas to fix it?
    05-26-10 06:59 AM
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    StormHack, these hybrids are not compatible with the 4.7 OSes and require at least

    Why are you still on

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    05-26-10 11:55 AM
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    I was on 419, and on 591 but all of them not giving me Internet connection. I've tried yesterday and my Internet started to work. I'm a GSM User without BIS plan because our providers don't have them. Any ideas what kind of OS will give me better internet connection accept 90. Now I'm trying hybrid with 148 OS and .90 radio. Is somebody knows some better way please help.
    05-26-10 12:23 PM