05-17-09 08:26 AM
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  1. Senor_Dizzle's Avatar
    Im also in the same boat ive also tried several memory boosting apps and no help. Im running .113 and have several of the so called memery hogs, but refuse to own a smartphone that I have to strip the smart out of it to make it work smoothly. I boot up at about 18mb - 20mb and in a hour down about 4mb.
    04-07-09 01:24 AM
  2. mindchatter's Avatar
    I'm sitting at 2.0mb right now??? My norm is around 10.... I'm running .75 and have maybe 10 apps. Non of which are running in the background

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    04-07-09 01:30 AM
  3. charlespowell's Avatar
    I'm usually running about about 30
    04-07-09 01:46 AM
  4. Riefle's Avatar
    You can update your OS which helps the memory leak. You can either shrink your OS using lyricidal's program or upgrade to his hybrid. If you don't want to go that route use One of a Kind DPC slimmed down hybrid. I am on version 2 and it is great. Version three is being tested and it is supposedly even better.

    I definitely recommend the upgrade though.

    I have a lot of the same apps just make sure not to leave Viigo running and log out of Facebook when you aren't using it. Weatherbug is bad... you can look for bbweather or Weathereye. Weathereye is a little better than Weatherbug.
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    05-13-09 12:09 AM
  5. mbvdlza's Avatar
    Definitely get off .75, its unstable and had lots of memory management issues. The first one that recovers memory well (for me anyway) is 141...
    05-13-09 05:29 AM
  6. Transfigured's Avatar
    I'm on .75 w/no memory problem (30-45mb) after reading a lot about how 2 manage. I monitor memory daily b/c interests me & want 2 see effect of apps/activities.

    Granted, device ought 2 run better but it's new so i expect/accept flaws.

    Try: c b how 2: app memory
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    05-13-09 09:29 AM
  7. qdenning's Avatar
    The memory eventally leaks down to zero and I have to battery pull at least once a day. I always completely close out of applications(menu close not just exit button)memory cleaning is on and I have only downloaded one other theme (ivista 2 but I am currently running the original storm theme). Does anyone have any ideas? I am running the official OS (.75 I think?). Any help us MUCH appreciated

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    I have basically the same issue. Even though I'm a vzw customer I'm running Bell's OS .122 (tired of waiting on vz), I'm running the default theme. approx. 16mb after a batt pull and it goes down from there. I just deleted about 7-8 apps I wasn't using and it gained me about 1mb.
    05-13-09 10:02 AM
  8. anon4705193's Avatar
    I had .75 up until 3 days ago, always had good memory (30+). OP, a ton of your listed apps are memory hogs (viigo, facebook, google maps, wsj etc)

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    05-13-09 01:10 PM
  9. Smmrgrl's Avatar
    I just deleted the latest Viigo alpha release and reinstalled the older more stable version (3.0.892). My available memory DOUBLED. We'll see if the drain continues, but I suspect not. The alpha version would always take forever to load the updated feeds, and it would even stick when moving in and out among the actual menu items.

    Not quite ready for prime time on this user's crackberry.
    05-14-09 10:41 AM
  10. teeman1965's Avatar
    Gang, wanted to chime in here after reading all these memory leak issues on this forum and a few others. I am a Bold owner (AT&T) and running version .167 OS. I had similar problems in that I would do a battery pull, be at 15MB of app memory and then after a few hours be under 5MB and then eventually down to zero. After reading the posts I decided not to upgrade my OS as I didn't want to risk having problems after the upgrade with apps etc. Instead here's what I did:

    1. I deleted all third party themes and reverted back to one of the two themes that came with my phone: Precision Silver. Many of the posts mentioned that third party themes eat up memory so I figured I could live with out them.

    2. I deleted WeatherBug, Poynt, Live Search, Viigo and any app I wasn't using at least once or twice per month. I also got rid of all foreign languages and searched through the apps for other apps I wasn't using and deleted them as well.

    3. I now run with the following third party apps:

    NBA Game
    Bowling Game
    Google Mobile App
    Google Maps
    Blackberry App World

    After doing a battery pull I now start out at about 30MB and then drop to about 22-25MB where I hold steady and don't see any more declines in memory. Best of all I find that my Bold is amazingly faster, snappier, etc. I no longer see the hourglass and haven't had to do a battery pull in several days. I think the key here is to isolate those apps and themes that are eating up memory and then start deleting to see where you get the greatest gain.
    05-17-09 08:26 AM
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