1. Jshakour's Avatar
    I have one unread SMS message showing on my 9530 but i do not have and unread SMS, I had a similar issue on my 8830 but it was an 1 unread email. I tried a battery pull but it still remains, I call VZW and they said to wipe the phone, i tried that as well, but the unread message icon is still there.

    Any thoughts?
    02-15-09 08:41 PM
  2. crackalackberry's Avatar
    only time i have gotten that batt pull fixed... try another? leave out for a min or 2 and then put batt back in
    02-15-09 08:53 PM
  3. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Send yourself an SMS then mark prior opened should go away
    02-15-09 08:54 PM
  4. Jshakour's Avatar
    ok trying now!

    wish me luck.....
    02-15-09 08:56 PM
  5. obklxa's Avatar
    I think I have had that happen when there was a message that I got a missed phone call. Check your phone log.
    02-15-09 08:59 PM
  6. Jshakour's Avatar
    no dice...
    02-15-09 09:10 PM
  7. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Maybe reregister your Host Routing Tables
    02-15-09 09:12 PM
  8. Jshakour's Avatar
    which one? all of them?
    02-15-09 09:13 PM
  9. sk0tto's Avatar
    Are you using a today theme? Check to see if your emails and sms are set to display in separate inboxes. I had this once and it turned out to be an unread email, not sms.

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    02-15-09 09:14 PM
  10. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Just CLick register now
    02-15-09 09:15 PM
  11. Jshakour's Avatar
    i sent myself a text message marked it unopened and it showed 2 unread sms messages.

    I am using a today theme with separate inboxes, but no unread emails.

    If I change the theme, it still says 1 unread sms message, when i had my 8830, if i switched themes, the icon went away, but not on the 9530.
    02-15-09 09:20 PM
  12. Jshakour's Avatar
    i just tried to register the host routing table...

    nothing, i got the welcome message from Verizon when i set the phone up out of the box.
    02-15-09 09:22 PM
  13. Jshakour's Avatar
    i just got an email saying i am registered with the wireless network.

    But the unread icon is still there.
    02-15-09 09:37 PM
  14. richb0i's Avatar
    Well i had this one time when i had saved emails and messages in the saved messages folder

    Check out that folder.. When you do a "Delete Prior" on your inbox or message box and one is a saved messages it acts like it resent the saved messages and can show up as unread until you open it again in the saved messages folder!
    This mainly happens with emails for me! hope this helps!
    02-15-09 09:43 PM
  15. Jshakour's Avatar

    ITS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!
    02-15-09 09:47 PM