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    I've noticed that as the betas have progressed the storm seems to handle 3rd party apps much better or they are improving the apps to be storm compatible, either way it's a good thing. I know when I was back on .75 the phone worked just fine as long as I didn't install any apps. In the beginning it seemed like any app was bad for memory and reliability. As I got up into the .90's versions I probably had 4 apps installed and was doing fine. I was just realizing now that I'm on .113 that I have a lot of apps installed and it's still performing better than ever. My list includes:

    App World
    Bolt Browser
    Google Maps

    In the beginning I tried Bolt and it made it very unreliable. I'm just trying the new version this week and so far love it and no problems. I don't get real worried about how much app memory is available anymore as long as it is running well. With all the apps it does drop down and require a quickpull once or twice a week, but I could schedule that if it were really a problem. I don't just because I like to check it out to see as I have been adding apps if they are causing problems with memory.

    Best I can see, the newer versions run better than the old and allow apps to be utilized to make the most of the phone. Before it was slower when empty and unreliable if not. I think the progress is good. I know we always see this version is faster than that, etc., it's hard to say unless you are comparing the same config each time. This phone just keeps getting better and better.
    04-04-09 11:51 AM
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    In the same vein, the biggest improvement I see is the reduction in battery pulls. All the way up to .99 battery pulls were frequent and various things could freeze the OS or cause a random reboot including 3rd party apps. I haven't done a battery pull running .113 at all and really I haven't had to do them much since .109. I used to have quickpull on my main screen because I used it so much, now I have it stashed away in my applications folder. They are definitely improving stability.
    04-04-09 11:59 AM
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    Very true.
    04-04-09 12:34 PM