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    I have the 8830 WE from Sprint, which the GPS is unlocked and I can use it with Sprint Navigation, Google Maps, BB Maps, Yahoo Go, etc that uses GPS. I had the version of Google Maps that did not have Street View and every time I load it would pick up the GPS signal very fast. I saw there was a new version of the application with Street View so I went and updated the maps. Sometimes it take a long time to load and says "Waiting for GPS" or sometimes it says No GPS which seems not to work sometimes unless I move around a bit.

    I wounder if the Storm has this problem with the install version of Google Maps. Maybe if someone has the files of an older version, it can maybe work with the Storms GPS because people say it works with Blackberry Maps but not with Google Maps. I can't try it until I get my Storm.
    11-23-08 04:35 PM