1. Crackmed91's Avatar
    Anyone know of a simple offline currency calculator that will work on the Storm 1. Will be in the Dominican Republic and need to convert $ and pesos, but want to stay offline to avoid airtime. Have looked through previous threads but can't seem to find Storm compatible software?
    06-14-10 08:37 AM
  2. M3Gooner's Avatar
    I don't see how this could be possible since you would need current exchange rates to make the conversion.
    06-14-10 04:20 PM
  3. Crackmed91's Avatar
    The rate does not fluctuate that much, would just plug in the latest known exchange rates manually. There are such calculators available, just trying to find one that works on the Storm.
    06-15-10 07:19 AM
  4. starhannes's Avatar
    rather than spending 30 mins looking for it, remember the 2 conversion numbers c1 = c2 * E
    c2 = c1 * E2 (E2 = 1/E)

    remember E and E2 and you can use the normal calculator app! simple!
    06-15-10 08:01 AM