11-22-08 04:21 AM
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  1. zach471's Avatar
    My birthday is the 39th, so that would have been perfect.
    11-11-08 12:09 PM
  2. mab4285's Avatar
    Apparently some people don't get humor...
    11-11-08 12:25 PM
  3. Steve Lokenheimer's Avatar
    My birthday is on the 40th. How cool is that! Were a day apart
    11-11-08 12:31 PM
  4. TBryant82's Avatar
    I just got off the phone with the CEO of Vzw and he said it was all a joke and there is no Storm! It was just an early April fools prank!! grrrrr
    11-11-08 12:31 PM
  5. Tumaz04's Avatar
    Ohhhh good one verizon! You really got us....we're so stupid!

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    11-11-08 01:00 PM
  6. mr. brady's Avatar
    uh, dont worry, i got the humor. this thread is just OOOOOOOZING with sarcasm!
    11-13-08 04:44 PM
  7. delbobo's Avatar
    I just want to clear up a few things..

    Regarding the NE2 credit, this is not a set amount of $100. NE2 is a credit of up to $100. Depending on your voice plan, it could be another amount, such as the $50 that has been previously mentioned. Furthermore, this does not apply to added lines on a family plan, just the primary line.

    For the business account side of it, while people are getting the idea that just from receiving an employee discount, that you would qualify for the price mentioned of $89. This would not be the case. As far as I know you would need to be on a corporate account, or a full business account.

    Lastly, Best Buy Mobile matches the equipment to the price reflected by Verizon with the NE2 credit, or any offer in general for that matter.
    In other words, no Best Buy Mobile does not physically "use" the credit because there is no way to scan a verizon coupon etc into the POS registers. What Best Buy Mobile does is match to the price that they would be getting using they're credit at Verizon. i.e) If you can get the phone for $99 from Verizon using a $100 NE2 credit, then Best Buy Mobile will do a price match for the phone to the price of $99. Also with this being done at Best Buy Mobile, it is always an instant rebate, and you don't have to wait 6-8 weeks for a mail-in rebate.

    For future reference Best Buy Mobile matches any offers including mail-in rebates, online website prices, upgrade coupons (NE2 Verizon, $75/$150 Sprint rebate, etc), and again.. always an instant rebate.

    One last thing..Best Buy Mobile is currently taking pre-orders of $50 dollars for the storm which should be available on, or around the 23rd or 26th.


    has anyone confirmed this above i have been searching for hours in the forums and can't find it... i am going to pick up strom tonight
    11-21-08 09:07 PM
  8. mab4285's Avatar
    has anyone confirmed this above i have been searching for hours in the forums and can't find it... i am going to pick up strom tonight
    Confirmed what? theres a lot of information in that post!
    11-21-08 11:35 PM
  9. esnetsc's Avatar
    I went online and this is what I get when upgrading.

    1 Year Contract -$50MIR


    2 Year Contract -$50MIR


    No Contract

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    11-22-08 04:21 AM
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