05-22-09 06:33 PM
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  1. NYYankees925's Avatar
    After i do a battery pull I get the blue progress bar at the bottom I thaought this went away with this OS I'm comming from 109. did I do something wrong?
    No...thats normal. The blue progress bar disappeared with the 5.0 hybrids.
    04-25-09 08:43 AM
  2. mudusmc's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    04-25-09 08:49 AM
  3. oldTimePens's Avatar
    After 24 hours:
    camera still locks saying close apps usually requiring a batt pull.( done this 2 times in 24 hours)
    gps using apps ie: weather bug, googlemaps, all have a horrible time locating my location (yes i turned the gps to location on)

    battery life up, UI speed up, browser speed up, nice phone icon, Smoother with lock/unlock button

    Coming from a Moto Q to my first BB the storm was nice for the first 5 hours. Then it was frustration. I got sick of waiting for VZW to catch up with everyone so I made the jump to a unofficial OS. And thank god because I'd hate to have to put it back in the box for my Q.
    04-25-09 08:57 AM
  4. Hup55's Avatar
    Well after replacing my battery yesterday and letting it charge over night, it seems it may have been my battery after all. I booted up first thing this morning at 5:30 and have just checked on it now. It has only lost 8% in 3 1/2 hours seems better to me. I just may have to put 132 back on :-)
    04-25-09 09:04 AM
  5. jasonberrypie's Avatar
    Ok well first off...what a wonderful weekend we are haveing!

    here is what I am finding on my os:.132

    1. time lag between apps.
    2. accelerometer is lag from portrait to landscape
    3. you tube does not work
    4. where does not work
    5. random reboots far between but they happen
    6. colorbanding is still dull
    7. 1xev to 1XEV switches from time to time
    8. facebook defaulted for some reason, I like it the old way better..
    9. BBtran is acting strange
    10. lost and found browser wahoo!


    1. txting is so much faster with the index finder box WOW!
    2. vlingo is better than ever
    3. browser is lightning fast
    4. battery life is great
    5. app. memory is rocking at 41 and has not dipped below 34
    6. camera is super fast and very clear best ever no lag at all
    7. media loads super fast pix slide by
    8. volume controls for music work better
    9. weatherbug is very quick more than ever
    10. call clarity is awewsome

    so I believe that what I have found is a decent overall finding. I am a bit PO'd with youtube and where, but I still have poynt and earthcomber. But youtube I use daily, so I need it.
    well I will keep trying to find the fix and hope for the best.
    04-25-09 09:28 AM
  6. SOTK's Avatar
    A little history: The Storm is my first BB. I got it in mid-January. I stuck with the .75 for quite a while but got tired of the usual head-aches like everybody else and took the plunge. My first go at a leaded OS was .109 which wasn't a bad OS. I've tried many hybrids with varying pros and cons.

    I'm on my third phone. I turned in my first one due to problems with the lower right/left portions of the screen not clicking well. My second phone was a nightmare (muffled sounding voice was heard by callers, lots of random reboots and shutdowns, freezing, jumbled keyboard letters, etc). I am pleased to state that my third phone which I've had for about 3 days now appears to be rock solid.

    I wiped .75 the moment I turned it on and installed .132. Now for my findings:

    Steady memory leaks (got down to under 10mb after about 12 hours of us yesterday). After a reboot, I usually start at about 32mb. I have quite a few apps.

    Been noticing problems with GPS apps losing the ability or taking forever to locate my location.

    Also, notice data drops and random loss of signal (fluctuates a lot). I'm not saying I get dropped calls but do notice that my signal strength fluctuates a lot and I notice data degradation. I didn't notice this as much with previous OS leaks say like with .109 and .113.

    I haven't had one single freeze-up, random reboot, or random shut-down since running this OS, however, as I stated earlier, this phone is definitely superior in hardware quality than my previous Storm and my experiences in running .132 could be chalked up to just getting lucky with a good phone. (I noticed this with my first phone. Other than my screen issue with my first phone, I had none of the terrible experiences that I saw others have here on CB with their Storms. It was rock-solid except for the screen issue.)

    My internet browsing experience is better with .132 than with .122 I think. Things seem a bit faster and I have had an easier time typing in text fields.

    Apps seem to load quicker and there is not as much lagging (transition lag) between opening menus and closing/opening folders and the like.

    Conclusion: .132 isn't a bad OS in my opinion. I don't believe there is a huge difference between this one and .122. My standing complaints with every OS I've tried is still as follows: 1) Lagging with accelerometer 2) Memory leaks, memory leaks, memory leaks 3) Bad MMS 4) Bad internet experience and 5) quirky camera

    For me, with every OS I try, the above are never quite good enough. I do believe things improve with each OS but the above issues seem to always exist no matter what OS I try. I must admit that I am bother by the GPS and data/signal loss issues now too. These are new problems with my experience in trying out leakes OS's.

    Well, there's my two cents.
    04-25-09 09:39 AM
  7. Skyeclad's Avatar
    Upgraded from .122. Here are my findings:

    1. Slightly faster browser. When 1XEV is on.
    2. Memory management greatly improved. First time I didn't dip below 20mb AND it overnight recovered back to my max at 36MB. That has never happened before. Wonder if there isn't some form of full memory recovery going on.
    3. Camera may be faster but barely perceptible.

    1. The Return of Random Reboots. Haven't seen one of these since .75. Happened after taking a picture.
    2. Signal strength is higher but 1XEV drops to 1X or 1xev quite a bit more than .122.
    3. Youtube app isn't working.
    4. Didn't know that you have to bat pull after *228 or you lose data. That was frustrating until I figured it out.
    5. Scrolling animations too jumpy on icons.

    My overall Crack-a-licious Beta OS Rating is....7/10...

    An Over Caffeinated version of .122. Faster. Prone to mistakes. Uses all that extra energy to clean up all that discarded memory laying around.
    04-25-09 10:17 AM
  8. Zelmo88's Avatar
    Running .132 for a couple days now....

    No freezes or reboots...YAY! Although last time mentioned this with .131/5.0 I immediately got a reboot!
    Seems very stable overall.
    Good camera function and clear photos.
    lock/unlock much smoother, although still some lag
    battery life seems better than .131/5.0
    memory very good....about 5mb loss in 24 hours
    MMS seems to work
    Portrait photos send right side up instead of sideways
    Browser still quick
    Good phone signal and call quality

    *228 causes data feed to disconnect requiring batt pull to fix
    A little lag in accelorameter

    So far so good! Definitely a build I can live with.
    04-25-09 10:18 AM
  9. hertz1's Avatar
    Well heres what I Found.I recently tried the Crystal clear theme and dont know if all the issues are because of that or .132 itself.

    Got .132 when it came out and had no problems.Yesterday my phone locked up on me 4 times with major graphical issues.Was getting half screen normal half screen black,screen with lines through it and finally my screen just turned into a million little colored dots.

    This morning also got a call and the screen was halfed and there was no phone number visible of who was calling.It also looks as though the name and number that does show up when someone calls has a much smaller font and is difficult to read.

    I went ahead and deleted the crystal clear theme today and hope that gets rid of the problems otherwise Im gonna have to go back to another version.

    I also noted that every time I did a battery pull I would get the Setup wizard as if I had just loaded a new OS.

    04-25-09 10:20 AM
  10. berry me with it's Avatar
    Loaded .132 Thursday night:

    Seems to be a solid build as far as I'm concerned. All of my app work smoothly (including all using GPS) and have noticed:

    Improved battery life
    Improved memory life

    Previously, on .122 my sms alert and call ringtone would play for a few seconds after I muted them, this is fixed for me on .132

    Only con I have found thus far is a slow response when moving from portrait to landscape in the browser. My screen goes white/gray, like a snowy TV screen, make sense?

    This, however, has happened only twice and is just a flash on the screen. Fixes itself instantly. Fair trade in my mind for the ringtone fix.
    04-25-09 10:21 AM
  11. cvmaas's Avatar
    .132 works good...now if they could implement flick scroll and being able to save your apps to the memory card so the phone doesnt get bogged down with the apps, that would be nice!
    I've been using Aerize Card Loader, and while it doesn't actually let me install apps on the SD card, it does let me install OFF the SD card which is almost as good. I have all my games and rarely used apps on the card and when I need an app I just run Aerize and install it. Feels like a Desktop Manager running on the SD card.

    I know people have said they were able to install apps using the explorer in media player, but it doesn't work for me. One thing I dont like is if I want to install an APP from the desktop files and not the OTA source is you have to extract the parent COD file on the BB. I use BBFileExplorer and when you click on the COD file it will ask if you want to extract. Also, to make it easier, rename the COD file to be just slightly different. Sometimes one of the files inside of the parent COD uses the same filename and it won't extract if you dont rename the parent.
    04-25-09 10:25 AM
  12. TL_33's Avatar
    My experience with upgrading to .132 from .114 hybrid v3...

    - Battery life so far has been great
    - No reboots so far
    - Memory leak has been much better then previous versions
    - Typing seems much more smoother, seems like keyboard responds better.
    - Camera actually takes a picture within a second as opposed to previous versions which it would take 4-6 seconds.

    - Radio fluctuates from full bars to 0 bars and I lose my 1XEV in places I didn't have a problem before. I haven't dropped a call or anything yet but it just seems weird.
    - There is a bit of a lag in the accelerometer compared to the previous version I had, but not as bad as .75
    - It seems I have lost in my alarm clock, the ability to choose weekdays, everyday etc. I have checked everywhere and can't find it.
    - multi language input only has support for Spanish, French, English UK, and East Asian characters. With .114 it had many different language input methods (i.e Czech, Greek, Russian etc.)

    one last note, I tried youtube out and it plays the videos fine on my device.
    04-25-09 11:18 AM
  13. SailingMan's Avatar
    Ok i have tryed that and it is not working its like the HANDset button is not responding
    Try connecting the earphones that came in the box. Disconnect them and it worked for me.

    I also did *228 option 1, which I didn't think made sense. But the problem went away after this and connecting/disconnecting the earphones.
    04-25-09 11:22 AM
  14. mrsFAB's Avatar
    Is there a fix for the You Tube app issue????????????
    04-25-09 11:32 AM
  15. Aug0211's Avatar
    Sorry guys I haven't read all 108 pages of this... I searched it for "memory leak" and it looks like some people are getting it, and some aren't.

    I am on the .132/5.0 hybrid by lyricidal... I came from his .122/5.0 hybrid. I am having a horrible memory leak with this. Running same setup as on his .122/5.0 (PatternLock, MeterBerry, BerryWeather, and 1 theme... Default 4 Today with Hidden Dock). I never had a bad leak before, but now I'm losing 10-25 mb throughout the day

    Has anyone discovered the culprit here, or a fix for it? I'd love to know if it's the radio file or the java files in this...

    Note - I've also tried uninstalling all my apps and my theme to see - but no difference... Seems to be the OS for me. Any thoughts?
    04-25-09 11:45 AM
  16. mikecrogan's Avatar
    you are the bomb!
    this is my first every blackberry. i am hooked.
    i had a choice of the iphone or the storm. i chose the storm, having been with verizon for 10 years and no problems.
    04-25-09 11:48 AM
  17. netwerks1's Avatar
    I see many on here speak of memory leaks. While I'm sure everyone knows it can be caused by the OS but can also be caused by the application. Infact often it is the application. If you are experiencing a high case of memory leaks, start by taking off one app at a time, if no diff, then put it back on and take off another one. Often you'll find it is the app and not the OS.

    Just my thoughts, worth only what you paid for em
    04-25-09 11:59 AM
  18. shmancy3's Avatar
    Bummer, Youtube isn't working for me either. And my phone is being really quirky. I'm going back to .122 until these quirks get worked out.
    04-25-09 12:01 PM
  19. Aug0211's Avatar
    Thanks for that thought man. If you read my post though you'll see that I already did that. It is the OS.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-25-09 12:01 PM
  20. carcora's Avatar
    Please someone just tell me is there still a grey box... i just went through 200 hundred post and no one is saying anything.... someone said just save the pic, but i can't even send pics my phone took in the leaked versions so i'm down to .75 forever.... please just come out and say it.. is there a grey box on the MMS when trying to forward or not! thank you!

    and the guy who said there was no color banding on his.. you could tell the dark black had become a lighter grey... maybe not nit picky... but it is still a difference
    04-25-09 12:02 PM
  21. blunt420's Avatar
    Please someone just tell me is there still a grey box... i just went through 200 hundred post and no one is saying anything.... someone said just save the pic, but i can't even send pics my phone took in the leaked versions so i'm down to .75 forever.... please just come out and say it.. is there a grey box on the MMS when trying to forward or not! thank you!

    and the guy who said there was no color banding on his.. you could tell the dark black had become a lighter grey... maybe not nit picky... but it is still a difference
    mms is working no lil grey box it especially works well if your upgradeing from 75 but YES it works
    04-25-09 12:09 PM
  22. carcora's Avatar
    mms is working no lil grey box it especially works well if your upgradeing from 75 but YES it works
    many many thanks to you!!! downloading it now!!!
    04-25-09 12:23 PM
  23. drtrask#CB's Avatar
    I transitioned from hybrid v3 to and am amazed by the additional free memory. Went from <20 to 34.5! Memory usage seems vastly improved!. Had to do a manual restore of data to complete the upgrade because the upgrading utility failed in that regard. That's my only slightly negative experience thusfar.
    04-25-09 12:37 PM
  24. cgc2's Avatar
    not impressed because on my storm it would freeze, something it had never done before. And, Slacker stopped working.
    Sure, a little faster on the accelerometer and web loading, but nothing opera lite or soon skyfire wont cure. staying with .113 until this one gets more stabel....or may try .122
    oh, i installed after a wipe of the bb
    04-25-09 12:40 PM
  25. alwarrior's Avatar
    1st time to upgrade os, thought i'd screw it up lol. ( a big thanks to the people who started threads telling you how not to screw it up ). running .132 for 2hrs and everything is fine. yea !
    04-25-09 12:42 PM
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