View Poll Results: Is .148 worth the update?

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  • Yes - I updated and it works great!

    174 84.47%
  • No - I updated, and then went back to a previous version.

    6 2.91%
  • No - It seems like there are too many flaws.

    8 3.88%
  • No - I can't give up my hybrid/other leaked OS for this.

    18 8.74%
05-23-09 04:29 PM
27 12
  1. golfermarsh's Avatar
    I think that is the point. "Does this leak work for YOU?" Not whether or not you think it works for everybody. The poll gives us a general consensus of how well its doing out there. We all know by now our Storm experiences are very unique. BTW, it works well for me.
    Agreed. Why do we have so many "haters" out there? We understand that each storm can act different based on the user and what he uses his Storm for, but this is a great way to get a good impression on whether it's a solid OS or not.
    05-22-09 09:40 AM
  2. golfermarsh's Avatar
    Anyone else, now that it has been out for several days?
    05-23-09 04:29 PM
27 12