05-09-10 04:55 PM
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  1. stickjohnsonaah's Avatar
    My speed was off in the first release, but I have not tried it since the update. I got in a little wreck and now my Maggie is getting some upgrades. MSRT Hood and Front, New CAI, and when it gets back I am adding the diablo predator tue to the 5.7 Hemi. I will post up my new results when I can hopefully at the end of the week. I am hoping to break into the 13's with the new mods and my existing cat back.
    What are your time's right now? Are you auto or 6spd? I can't wait to see your new times. Should be fun!

    I think the first pic is ugly, I would buy the 2nd one, looks pretty mean. Like a BAD A$$ hurse!
    06-09-09 08:03 PM
  2. stickjohnsonaah's Avatar
    On a side note, My challenger is getting the tranny replaced under warranty. Damn tremec shipping out a number of faulty tranny's and mine was 1 of them. Anyway my rental 09 caliber sxt runs [email protected]! ha LOL. I should be ashamed but im not.
    06-09-09 08:05 PM
  3. PadrePrince's Avatar
    I have screen shots posted on the first page and a couple of updates in the thread. I like the second one better also. With a stock RT (well Borla cat back) I am running 14.5 - 14.3 and the Magnum is a 08 auto. Good luck with the tranny.
    06-09-09 08:36 PM
  4. Newport Viper's Avatar
    thats my wallpaper and its also part of the speedo I look at everyday.. proud e46 M3 owner checking in

    Great wallpaper! I tried but, did it on stormgrounds maker. I can't get the maker here to work????

    I didn't come close to yours..... but great idea!

    I need some photo and artistic help!

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    06-10-09 12:35 AM
  5. bgredjeep's Avatar
    I just downloaded this for my Storm. Got 1 chance on the way home from work last night to run up to 60mph from a stop and it looks like it detected it pretty well. One thing I think though is that the program doesn't work all that great for a diesel (Dodge CTD 2500). With no drivetrain loss included it reported 315hp (which is about right to the flywheel), but I suspect the 600lb/ft of torque was helping push the 6600 lbs of truck to 60 and bit more than accounted for. I would think ~250 would have been a more expected HP number.

    One other question that I couldn't find in the manual. Logic tells me that if I add the value for % loss, the program will record the actual measured results, then add that loss value to estimate flywheel power. So with my 0% setting it graphed the recorded value. Is this correct?
    06-11-09 12:54 PM
  6. Newport Viper's Avatar
    06-13-09 01:29 PM
  7. Wheelman74's Avatar
    There is no such things as a 2008 carrera GT...maybe you mean a 911 carrera

    The AM Vanquish was discontinued in 2007..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I think he is busted. lol
    PWNED!! haha i cant believe that i didnt catch this at first!!
    06-13-09 01:47 PM
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    No need for a PM, might want to double check your photobucket page where all those pictures were just uploaded and the license plate is fully visible. I will gladly have my office run that plate when I get into work on Monday. I too can go to google, find some pictures of a matte black Ferrari(s), post them into my photobucket page and then onto a forum. Notice the one that says first day.....first day of what? You not actually owning that car because its from Qatar?

    Not to mention that the two pictures of the bikes in your front yard show shows what looks like a Subaru Forester. Now I know you will say its your moms, or cleaning ladies or yada...yada, but the fact is that the houses in the background are cookie cutter homes, people who own F430's generally don't live in cookie cutter homes. You can whine that I am calling you out, which I actually wasn't, it was directed at the kid with the non existent Porsche and Aston Martin, or you can post pictures of that same Ferrari, in your driveway, with a piece of paper that has your screen name on it next to your other claimed cars. But you won't do that.....because you are going to say it is a waste of your time to argue online, because a Transplant Surgeon would never have time to do that.....

    Oh and here is another SS to show that you are trying to claim the Qatar Ferrari as your own.....

    Game, set, match
    HAHA im gonna go out on a limb and call this: PWNED!!
    06-13-09 02:56 PM
  9. kimmyprincess's Avatar
    1st 2 runs with Dynostorm 1.1

    2009 Mustang GT Bullitt pkg. Can't figure out how to capture entire page though

    06-15-09 05:19 PM
  10. esmcblurm3's Avatar
    just downloaded today.

    Golf Cart:
    0-10: 1.82 sec
    0-20: 4.12
    1/8 Mile: 27.25 sec

    Max Speed: 12mph
    Max Power: 4hp


    I'll try it out with my M3 one of these days
    06-20-09 08:58 PM
  11. mike86325's Avatar
    Just downloaded it today.. here's my 1st and only attempt with my bone stock 2003 M3..

    It looks to me like the trap speed and the top speed got flipped somehow I also noticed that my whp was way high.. I'm guessing this is because I launched the car as opposed to doing a smooth pull (which I heard gives better hp results). Anyone else experience these problems?

    Also, my launch was bad so that's why my 0-60 is crap. Don't judge too hard!
    08-08-09 02:49 AM
  12. SourDieseI's Avatar
    [email protected] people posting there dream cars LOL>
    I should take out my
    Ferrari Gallardo?
    Mercedes M6 ?
    BMW SL65 AMG ?
    and last but not least Hyundai Bugatti LOL.?


    I got a 335xi Juicebox3 and DCI and Quads and Downpipes upgraded intercooler on stock twin turbos
    . 378whp 398wtq with 1/4 tank 93 oct and 1/4 100oct.
    Dynolicioyus on my itouch showed a little different at 399whp 411tq so app might be a bit off but not by much.
    Cant wait to try it on the storm now.
    10-15-09 04:32 PM
  13. chris2689's Avatar
    05 srt-4 neon
    i just got the app. im waiting to find a nice flat road to use it on. should be fun
    03-30-10 10:22 AM
  14. EtaoinShrdlu's Avatar
    OK, I'll play. Here's the results from my 1992 Corvette, while racing at New England Dragway. The Dynostorm results were pretty accurate on time, not so on speed. Actual 1/8 mile results were 7.60 sec @ 88.9 MPH, and the actual quarter mile was 12.00 at 112.8 MPH.

    Note the 0-to-60 time!! That is real!

    The 60 foot time was really close - Actual time was 1.59 sec.

    Here's the car in action.

    05-09-10 04:55 PM
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